Hats at Del Mar Race Track…

(Photo from my pinterest.love-hats )

I adore hats , I can wear hats all summer long. So on our 1st day  in San Diego  we decide to  go to the Del Mar race track . I pulled  out  my biggest brim hat that I could find.  Everyone wore hats here at the race track. The fact that it has been so very hot these last four weeks in California is one very good reason.

I have to admit the woman here were dressed to the nines, and everybody look great in their hats.  I wore my stripe dress  with my 1970’s big straw hat and my vintage lime green straw bag.

I love a simple black hat with a summer dress,  you can wear this anywhere and look chic.

A straw hat with a polka dot dress, classic .

A white hat with a pretty black dress, love the detail on the back of this dress.

A big straw hat with a fresh yellow dress and big sunglasses. Very cute !

My favorite outfits were these two girls in their classic black and white dress, hats and bags. I asked them if I could take their picture for my blog and they said of course. After all isn’t that why us girls come to the race track , to be noticed ? Well I guess so !

Hunter and I did have a lot of fun betting, even though we didn’t win . I would love to come back  here on the big  event  , opening day which is officially  hat day and a contest for the most fabulous hat !

Have a great weekend .

All photos by  Hunter and  myself .

Marc Jacobs-spring2011-beauty





                            A retro 70’s glam style I am loving, I love the way he uses these deep rich colors.  I think theses colors work well for fall too .  That hat is a must have !

Vintage Classic Style


I have had emails asking me what my fashion style is, which surprised me as I think my style is pretty plain. I buy my clothes at vintage boutiques or thrift stores. I love the Classic vintage style of the sixty’s, polka dot dresses, straight leg jeans, wedge sandals, stripe black and white shirts, the classic white shirt, leopard prints,  and always a hat, I don’t like to get a lot of sun on my face, and I don’t wear much make up, ok I hardly wear any make up at all, so a hat is great ! I love the colors of turquoise and red, and blacks and whites. And of course I have a lot of little black dresses which looks good with a hat and sandals for the day , and heels at night. Well I guess I had a lot more to say about fashion then I thought. Thanks for the emails , please leave comments ,that’s how I will  know what might  interest you.