Beauty at Lakeshore dr….

It’s cooler now and the sky seems so crisp and clear. I dropped leo off at preschool today and stopped to take this photo of this pretty mailbox by the lake. The old tree and the lake was the  perfect backdrop for this pretty mail box…

….funny I drive by this street every week and never noticed these  mailboxes. All these pretty black, white  and grey mailboxes all in a row.  It was noon and the sun  was at the perfect location as it shinned through the old California pepper trees.

 Sometimes where we least expect it we can find beauty in our everyday lives…I challenge you to take a moment and  find some beauty in your everyday lives …take a moment walk by a lake, a stream or the beach….or maybe even a park….or just to stop and and smell a flower. You’ll be amazed.

that’s my good life Wednesday for...abeachcottage !

Have a simply enchanting week…

xoxo Cheryl

A secret place…

I have has some emails asking what goes into planning for a photo shoot. Well, I drive around looking for that perfect spot and the right time of day beacuse a picture can look completely different depending on what time of day it is. It seems that early in the day and later afternoon seems to create beautiful colors. I use Picaso photo shop I download for free and adobe elements 10, I purchased.  I took this photo at 200pm and the sun was at it’s perfect location. The customer wanted a big old tree . When I saw this tree I thought wow this is perfect.

A secret place to ponder and to linger and to create some beautiful pictures……

Hope everyone has a simply beautiful weekend !

Simple Morning pleasures Comment by Lois !

Ah…early morning in Winnipeg (southern Canada). So beautiful, drops of due glistening in the early morning sunshine. It clings to everything, the grass and all the flowers growing in my yard, peonies, bright fushia, the soft delicate pink and the all wonderful clean and beautiful white bloosoms. Some are in open in full bloom, some are still tightly clinging shut. I have a Bleeding Heart that was my mum’s from out at my parents place at the lake. The exquisite little pink hearts that cling to the branches dripping with due, bring my mum (&dad) to mind and always keep them close to my heart. Nature seems to have a way of doing that, beautiful yet simple. The tiny white flower clusters of Lily of the Valley fill the air this morning with the sweetest aroma that the light breeze is just blowing around my yard. The Canadian Anemone that grow wild in my yard are so pretty, stong and hearty but still have the delicate white blossoms that bloom all summer long. The Liatris with their long stem and purple flowers that blooms from July until Sept. I listen to the mummy birds singing as the feed their little ones that have just hatched in my lilac tree and also in a bird house near my back door. Everything is so vivid and alive. Morning is such a peaceful and georgeous time of day.



( So well said I had to post this comment for all to read , thank you  Lois, love always Cheryl)



(I was so inspired by Lois’s comment I posted the third give away French  post card, keep the beautiful comments coming !)