The Magic of March…

I took this picture in San Francisco and asked these ladies where they were from, with a cute Irish accent they said” Ireland of course.” Funny, I should have guessed. Why ? look at how red their hair is, and how sweet they look. I love the Irish, and I feel bad for all their tragedies, and how bad they had it when they frist came over to America.  I think these people have a spirit that keeps them going in the hardest of times. They always believed in luck, and a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

 I would love to chase rainbows when my kids were young. My children think I am idealistic, with both feet firmy planted in mid-air. There were  large mushrooms going in our yard when the kids were young, and only in our yard. All the kids in the neighborhood would come over to see them and ask me why only our house had these  mushrooms. I told them leprechauns lived in our yard and the mushrooms were their home, because we believe in them  and they brought  us  good luck ! And after the lawn was cut, the mushrooms would grow back, larger than before.

   A certain wistfulness occurs when some people use the phrase the luck of the Irish.  It could just as easily be said that the luck of the Irish relates to poor fortune, bad times, and centuries of losses. A look into Irish poetry or writing always focuses on tragedy. In fact, in some writings, it is these multiple tragedies that are held close to the heart and become an essential part of being Irish. So these people know how to endure and carry on. They had to believe in good luck ! 

 I was in Ireland in 1990 and I loved the green rolling hills, and their hearty food (corn beef, cabbage and red potatoes, the best meal of all times ), and of course their beer !  I think it’s uplifting to believe in good luck, to chase  the end of a rainbow, and to believe in the  luck of a four-leaf clover. I remember looking for four-leaf covers when I was young(long ago), and never finding one. But for those hours and hours of looking ( I was young and  idealistic) I would think to myself, when I do find my four-leaf cover I am going to get a million dollars, or that pot of gold. I was happy for hours ! Don’t you feel happy when you see a rainbow ? When we drove to Arizona there was the most beautiful rainbow I ever saw, we could see it from end to end. We  were so thrilled  at that moment, and Leo loved it !  

 When was the last time you kissed a frog  that turned into a prince, or  danced to celtic music and kicked up your heels ? Or weep tears into the  sea of life,or looked under a mushroom growing in your yard ? Maybe it’s time we all started to believe in just a little bit of  magic…for the month of March and for this magical year of 2011. Find me an Irish to kiss !

                                                                 And have a magical  St. Patrick’s Day !

Love, love, love… San Francisco

Hello travelers. I love San Francisco , I got up at 7am every morning and jogged while taking pictures. I call that a photo trek.  Here are some of the street pictures I took of this beautiful  city. The people here are just pain cool. A lot of out-of-town travelers, and a lot of business travelers also, but you can tell the residents. They are the ones jogging, or biking, and just hanging out. This is where we stayed and I must say it was a very nice place.

I took soooo many pictures, not sure what to do with them,  maybe I should do a book on the great citys of the California Coast…… I hope all is well !

xoxo Cheryl

A Romantic Place…

Yes, the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco is a very romantic place and I loved every minute of it …but I think true romance is a state of mind, a look , a feeling of escape into another realm, a realm of a dream like fantasy which could be anywhere, anyplace , anytime. Do we really need to travel to Paris, or Venice , or San Francisco to feel this way? Maybe a walk in a park, or a midnight stroll under the moonlight  can be so very romantic if we are with that special someone.  Sometimes when we have so much to worry about we lose ourselves and our desire for that moment of bliss that can inspire our true connection to each other…


(Palace of Fine Arts)


a simple smile , or a simple compliment, maybe a  kiss… from our sweetheart is all we really need…hopefully we all can take the time to find that romantic place in our hearts again…., I am wishing  you all… a very romantic day  !

xoxo Cheryl