When I travel…part 2

(Photo from classic female pics)

When I travel I wished I look like this(we can dream, right ?)  I love this picture the perfect scarf and sunglasses and a cool red convertible( I have a green convertible).  This is the perfect retro look for a coastal drive. I always try to wear a scarf ,or a hat,  it always makes  sense and looks so  retro chic . Maybe  something Natalie Wood would wear …

xoxo Cheryl

Monterey…More Tourists Than Fish !

 Monterey is one of the more beautiful coastal cities of  California and can make for a great two-day trip for those visiting  San Francisco or a weekend getaway for California natives. It was originally the state capital of California, and has more historic buildings in its downtown than any other city west of Santa Fe. Today it is most commonly known for its beautiful coastline, its world-class aquarium and from the many John Steinbeck novels that used the town as their setting, including Cannery Row and Tortilla Flat.

Heading north from the wharf, a bike path runs two miles to Pacific Grove along Cannery Row – named after John Steinbeck’s literary portrait of the rough-and-ready workers of its seafood plants. Since abandoned, the canneries reopened in the 1970s as malls and restaurants, and now teem with tourists instead of fish.     Information from ( www.canneryrow.com.  ).

We were only there for 3 hours so I didn’t get many photos so  please feel free to pass these photos on…

I love this old coastal town, I felt like I was walking into one of  John Steinbeck novels, my personal favorite  is Cannery Row .

  Hope everyone has a simply adventurous week ! 

Unplanned road trip…northbound !

Darrill  needs some time off. This Sunday we are hopping into the car and heading to the California Coast(surprised ? ). He wants to reconnect with his creative side which he says is dormant and needs some nurturing.  We will at Santa Barbara for one day and then head out. Darrill has several destinations in mind but feels we shouldn’t make any reservations, just tracks. Just get in the car, grip the wheel, hit the throttle and go (don’t worry we ‘ll have a road atlas).We are going to try and connect with all of you each day on my blog. I will document our travels with photos along with  a journal of our adventures each day, we will try to post every night.    No matter where we pass through we are guaranteed  a transformative experience while traveling through the magical landscape of the California Coast.  So, if you love the simple  idea of an unplanned road trip with only a map and road signs to guide you , log on…  and let the good times roll…



See you next week !