Vintage Market Place…

The Vintage Market place in Rainbow California was an amazing experience. I enjoyed every minute of this wonderful event. The theme was boho beach and  I was impresses by all the amazing booths all  in one place.  I loved all the beautiful vintage displays  but one of my favorites was Seahouse design by Lynda Lairmone from Irvine( 1st  four photos). I loved her colors of gray and turquoise with her shells.  I had to buy one of her market bags and she give me a great price !

vintage market 076

  Thanks Lynda !

vintage market 073 vintage market 074 vintage market 075 vintage market 045 vintage market 047 vintage market 050 vintage market 052 vintage market 054 vintage market 055 vintage market 058 vintage market 066


I wore a 1960’s dress and basket bag with my boho shoes and shell necklace. I was surprise I sold all my vintage basket bags and hats, and all my white frames the 1st day so I had to go home and bring back my rack of clothes.

vintage market 043

I work the show for John & Fab of Vintage Vendetta  from Lake Elsinore, where I have my boutique space and I loved every minute of meeting and greeting the customers and I made some new like-minded friends.

vintage market 041

Another one of my favorites booths was Mora’s Antiques also from  Lake Elsinore.

Her display of  jewelry was outstanding.  Most of her jewelry is antique.

vintage market 051

vintage market 062

 I had to take a picture of this pretty lady by my booth who came back the second day to buy one of my vintage earrings. Her outfit was vintage perfection.

vintage market 065

vintage market 087

Wow, I am inspired !!

 To find out more about the Vintage Market place  follow their blog.

Have a wonderful week !


San Luis Obispo

We’re up here in beautiful San Luis Obispo enjoying the cool weather. It’s overcast and cloudy and the temperature a perfect 65 degrees. We got up early and went to the local farmers market.

I was impressed with the local grown organic veggies from the local university Cal Poly.

Look it at how beautiful they have their veggies displayed. And their prices are excellent !

Next we headed to this cute pumpkin patch where Leo had a blast picking out a pumpkin.

We loaded up our Trader Joes bag with two nice size pumpkins , so we can carve them when we get back home.

Were on our way down to downtown San Luis Obispo ,  then to the  Madonna Inn for a antique fair, more pictures tomorrow, have a fun day !

Stay fit …#8

Stay fit and exercise even when we are on vacation, #8 on ten things we want to do for the summer…Well I feel like I can say I am pretty fit. Yes I have changed my life style and the way I eat to make some pretty big changes in my  health. I am addicted to exercise. I feel so much better and I have so much more energy.  I would like to give you my tips that have helped me lose those last few pounds that are always so hard to lose. I still have more to lose but I am almost there !!

Tip #1. Clean out your closet and get rid of those things you will never wear again.

Tip #2. Love yourself and forgive yourself completely if you have not been able to lose any weight. Create a mantra for yourself and put it where you will see it every morning.

Tip#3. Buy some cute exercise clothes, now you don’t need to spend a lot of money, I bought some cute exercise clothes at Target, yes Target ! And get a backpack , and some great running shoes, you will find yourself jogging everywhere.

Tip#4. Get a friend to exercise with, you can bike , run, walk or go shopping at an outdoor mall and speed walk and talk ! The time goes by fast ! Take those extra classes at your gym, spin, power pump, yoga and met your friend there. Support each other and you both will feel great !

Tip#5. Get a large water bottle and carry it where-ever you go. EVERYWHERE !! You will save so much money not buying sodas ! And think about all those extra calories you’ll lose !

Tip#6. Eat a large breakfast, oatmeal or yogurt is my favorite, and have a salad for lunch, and eat a good dinner. Snack on nuts and  fruit and veggies all day long. Make a protein shake after you exercise and use almond milk and add a banana. Eat a small piece of dark chocolate and have a glass of red wine. I snack on natural popcorn or a fudge pop  .

Tip#7. Drink green tea all day everyday and have chamomile tea at night. Light a great smelling candle before you go to sleep and tell yourself thank-you.

Tip #8. When you are at the park with your kids take your Ipod and power walk, play , run, bike with your kids, they will love it !

Tip#9. Make a date night with your mate and wear something to show off the new you ! I love my arms now , and I love wearing sleeveless dresses !! Believe me you will feel great after just 2 weeks, and fantastic after 3 months…and I bet you lose all your weight after 6 months ! Take the weight off slowly and you will keep it off. Do it right the 1st time and you won’t find yourself gaining back the weight after a few weeks.

(photos by Hunter)

Enjoy your summer , and good luck !!

What I eat now…

food kitchen 0171I have had some emails and some friends asking me what I eat now to keep me heathy and fit .

I start my day with a half of grapefruit and green tea with a slice of spout bread and  all natural peanut butter with a teaspoon of honey.

I have a mid morning snack of trail mix from Trader Joes . ( A protein shake if I exercise )

Lunch I have a salad with  spinach, cucumber,spouts and lime juice and lemon pepper. or a spout and turkey sandwich.

For dinner I have broil salt-less chicken and  spinach salad and a vegetable with a pad of real butter.

 And maybe a orange or apple with green tea for a late night snack.

I will have a protein shake after I exercise or maybe in the evening. I use coconut milk or soy milk for my shakes and a banana and muscle milk protein from Costco . When I go to Starbucks I have a bagged tea latte with soy milk. And I carry a water bottle with me at all times everywhere I go, and I have saved so much money not buying sodas. I don’t count calories .

It’s a life style change and I feel so much better…

thanks for the emails, xoxo Cheryl

Where did March go ???

 March is over, wow, where did March go ??? I have been at the gym six days a week now,(only Sundays off ) and I admit I am addicted to the gym. Thanks to my friend Claudia who makes sure I go and meet her at every class they offer !! Piloxing,  power yoga, spin, and power pump to name a few. My body aches, my legs are sore and I feel limp. I have only lost 8 pounds, but I feel much toner, and Claudia has lost 20 pounds !!  I have been working on my books on almost every night, and I ADMIT it takes a lot of time to create and write a book.  One of my readers said my posts were only one  picture posts. Gee, I feel bad. I have had photo shoots this month , and I  have a few weddings coming up so I have been on the web, and finally found and  bought a beautiful new zoom lens.  I wanted to do the green thing for the month of March, but never got around to it. I took some photos so I guess I should post them now. My favorite green items for the month of March, (or the last day of March  anyway).


 Green tea to keep the extra weight off, green tea mints because I love them, Pure- via  a natural sweetener,  Candied ginger, and Ginger brew for stomach aches. Most of these items are from Trader Joes, except the Pure-via which I purchased from Costco.



I love these green tea  mints they taste good and they are natural antioxidants and this color green container makes me happy !



As far as  sweeteners go none of them are any good for you and that includes splenda (please correct me if I am wrong), EXCEPT this one Pure-Via all natural and made from the plant Stevia extract. I use it on everything from my oatmeal to my coffee. 



 I love this  candied ginger, it’s a natural candy for when you or your children have a stomach ach,  it’s a little strong but very tasty !

 I hope everyone had a great month, and next month I promise to post my April showers pics on time !

My motto for the month, “Life’s short, don’t sweat the small stuff !”

The Gilmore Farmers Market in L.A.

      A weekend with the girls in West Hollywood,  Kim , Danielle and I hopped into my cousins  Vintage Classic V.W. bug and headed to the Gilmore’s Farmers Market in L.A.   Established in 1934, when a dozen local farmers parked their trucks on an open field, once a dairy farm, to sell fresh produce to local residents, the Market remains true to its roots today.


It’s still the best grocery store in L. A. offering a remarkable selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats , poultry and fish, baked goods, ice cream and nuts. I am wearing 1960’s vintage baby blue earrings and a 1980’s orange dress.

 At patio tables and sit-down restaurants people gather daily to visit and eat some cuisine from around the world, French crepes, Mexican,  and Brazilian fare to name a few.

Vintage L.A. at it’s best, history lives here, when Arthur Fremont Gilmore came west from Illinois in 1870, he and his partner purchased two sizable farms. When the partners decided to part they drew straws and Arthur Gilmore became the sole owner of the 256 acre dairy farm at the corner of third and Fairfax in L.A.

I love this old Ford truck on display here, I can imagine the farmers loading up this truck with all their fresh fruits and vegetables and selling them right off this truck.

A great weekend with the girls and a great day of shopping at the stores and the  Gilmore’s Farmers Market, for more information,

 Hope everyone has a great week !

Farmer’s Markets Old Town Temecula

One of my favorite farmer’s market is on Saturday in old town Temecula and one of my favorite organic stands Trethowan Organic .

I love the way they display their foods, and I also love the way  they put herbs together.


I bought this beautiful organic salad, it has been said to it looks like a Monet. 

Sweet pea’s…..what a great price !!

Organic Bay leaves .

What I like about this stand is you can taste the organic honey, and organic fruits.

Now there are a lot of wonderful organic stands here at this farmer’s market , and a lot of beautiful flower stands , and some great buys , I highly recommend coming here on Saturdays. 

Hope everyone has a fresh and fun weeken !!

A Spring Green Meal

I love cooking simple and  fresh  meals. I don’t have a lot of time to cook,  but I want a fresh meal for Leo and Darrill.  Here is one of my favoite spring green meals.


I start with fresh organic spinach, fresh basil,  artichokes , cucumbers and limes, which I buy at my local farmers market.

Then I put a chicken half in a piece of foil and I add fresh basil and spinach, and garnish with slices of limes , garlic salt and pepper. Then I bake  it in the oven at 400 for 35 min


Then I put the artichokes in salted boiling water for 30 min. 

I buy my spices from Spice Merchants in Temecula Ca. I love their picnic blend, I add it to sour cream for a great dip for the artichokes.

Next I make  my green salad with spinach, cucumbers, fresh basil and a few red grapes or black olives.

I add fresh tortellini from my market which I cooked for ten min.  and top off the  salad  with olive oil and parmesan cheese .


 This meal goes perfect with fresh brewed green tea garnish with a  slice of lime.

The chicken is done and smells wonderful, this meal is low-fat and healthy too ! Hope you enjoy .    


Joan on Third

 My girlfriend moved to West Hollywood so I went down for a girls night out.

 She had a class in the morning so I wandered down third street in L.A. and found this place to stop and have a cup of  cappuccino,  Joan on Third , I loved it !!


I haven’t had a cappuccino this good since Paris.  The decor was wonderful , white and black and cows everywhere.

The selection of wines, cheese, meats, breads,sweets and specialty sauces were outstanding !!!

A must see place don’t you think ?? 

My Spring Salad

I love spring salads, after eating all those winter foods, soups , stews, chili beans,  breads, you know all those  foods that put on all those extra pounds ,  so when spring comes around we all end up on some kind of diet. I hate to diet. I don’t diet  because if I tell myself I am on a diet I will eat everything in sight.  But I love  fresh salads. 

  Here is one of my favorites, organic greens, with strawberrys, apples, cucumber, green onions and fresh lime juice.

Salad dressings never taste fresh so I use fresh lime juice and season salt.  I love green tea,  so I brew Lipton passion fruit  green tea and add some strawberrys and a sprig of lime juice. A good source of antioxidants and it’s a refreshing drink.

A simple but fresh way to enjoy spring, this is a meal that you should eat outdoors.

Hope everyone has a fresh and fun weekend.