San Luis Obispo

We’re up here in beautiful San Luis Obispo enjoying the cool weather. It’s overcast and cloudy and the temperature a perfect 65 degrees. We got up early and went to the local farmers market.

I was impressed with the local grown organic veggies from the local university Cal Poly.

Look it at how beautiful they have their veggies displayed. And their prices are excellent !

Next we headed to this cute pumpkin patch where Leo had a blast picking out a pumpkin.

We loaded up our Trader Joes bag with two nice size pumpkins , so we can carve them when we get back home.

Were on our way down to downtown San Luis Obispo ,  then to the  Madonna Inn for a antique fair, more pictures tomorrow, have a fun day !

San Clemente part 3, Dining Alfresco

I left the guys at the beach while I went to see if I could find a quaint place to dine outside and enjoy the very cool scenery. ( Darrill and Leo like to  dine at the local pizza hut ). 


I found this very cute place called La Galette Creperie,  FRENCH in the middle of  San Clemente beach, how simply perfect !



I sat down at a little pink table with white chairs…



 and they bought me a menu…



I enjoyed looking at the very original  menu.



Croque Madam, a classic favorite with a hint of nutmeg and the price was right as the menu said cash only.



The view was very nice , but I felt like I was  sitting on the edge of the sidewalk , I enjoyed  watching the people passing by…



a simple crepe …but it was so very tasty…



I would say this crepe was  very good, and the service was okay,  but  I am looking forward to coming back and trying one of the fruit crepes… 

I hope everyone has a simply relaxing  weekend, and  Happy Earth day ! 

The art of simply being


Last year at this time we were in Chicago, and I loved the soft overcast days that seemed endless… Today seems like a day that would never end. We drove to a  90 min. presentation for a time share in Oceanside,  that turned into a three-hour nightmare.  Leo was  running  amuck and would not stay in the babby sitting room. Darrill was  in a state of confusion with Leo running everywhere and salesmen putting some serious pressure on him. When the meeting was finally over we found out that Legoland was closed. That was the reason why we drove all the way down to Oceanside to this time share !  We finally decided to head to the beach and when we got there Leo fell asleep. I  walked along the waters edge , took a few pictures and simply let the stress of the day go. The water was so serene, the birds were flying overhead and I sat down on the sand and just relaxed.


The art of simply being . 


 Just for those few wonderful moments.  When we got home I took a long hot bath .  I opened all the windows and the wind blew in  a wonderful fresh scent . I soak  in the tub for a long time.  I loved the silence.  Today I can honestly say, I learned the art of simply being. 








        .. .I love September in Chicago.


  Hope everyone has a very relaxing week.     

Bohemian musing in Venice

Getting up early after a night out with the girls was hard but worth it , as I love riding my bike along the coast of Venice Beach. Venice Beach is  a visual delight. Everywhere you look there is something going on. Venice has always been known as a hangout for the creative and the artistic since the 50’s and 60’s when it became the center of the  Beat generation. After the beat generation came the flower children of the 70’s. Then there  was an explosion of poetry and art. Well  I wasn’t  feeling very poetic or creative… I paid $20.00 for parking right on the boardwalk and realized we could have parked back on main street  and paid$ 8.00 and rode our bikes to the boardwalk. Next time.  Our first stop was breakfast  on the corner of Rose street, we both needed a little coffee  and I ordered a turkey and cheese croissant.






Then we did a little shopping. What I love about Venice is that everyone wears a hat. I love hats and wear them often and Kim needed one so we headed to Titanic . Over a 1,000 hats and I must say all were very cool. Kim bought her hat and we got our bikes and headed down the boardwalk.









 Since Venice is such a visual experience I thought I would just relax on my bike and enjoy the views.

















I like this building so we stop and shopped and found out this was Charlie Chaplin’s home and the little stores in front were the bungalows were his guest stayed. 




Lots of very cool shops I could get lost in these retro shops.








 In 1972, the city constructed an 18 mile bicycle path adjacent to Ocean Front Walk which extends from Torrance to Santa Monica. The new visitors were local residents riding bikes through the depressed Venice, bringing it new life. We stopped at Venice street  and headed to the canals.The canals are now a quaint upscale neighborhood in Venice. Fully restored and remodeled homes make it a postcard scene along the canal shores. Venice California originally was to be a copy of Venice, Italy, canals and all. Few of the original canals remain today.The canals were not practical for the horseless carriage. In 1929 the majority of the canals were filled in and converted to roads. You can still see the brick through the paved roads, Kim said the city should have left the streets bricked, I agreed the roads would be so quaint.  I fell ln love with these beautiful homes and canals. 














Venice Beach is a summer of color all year round,  a must see place for some real  Bohemian musing.

 Next post a shop I fell in love with in Venice…

xoxo Cheryl


Romantic Balboa Island

What I loved most about my week at the  beach was getting on my Schwinn bike,  and taking a  ride on the ferry to cross over to  Balboa Island still the city of Newport Beach  . Balboa Island is a quaint little town with beautiful shops and quaint little cottage homes , a lot of them have  little white picket fences and lots of lush flowers and greenery.





As I was riding  to the Island I saw this really cute old man walking, so I stopped to take his picture.



He was very nice and he stopped to talk about how long he lived here on the Island which by the way was 60 years, what a great life don’t you think, I felt guilty being  envious of this nice old man.    



As I continued on my journey I saw this beautiful sailboat ,  I stopped to ponder the idea of learning to sail . The wind blew the  sailboat  down the sea gracefully riding the perfect rhythm of the waves. A sacred earth, a sacred sea.  It was breath-taking.



Next stop, Romantic Balboa Island, this place is so enchanting, all the wonderful homes and  charming  shops , not to mention great places to dine.    




This Island is tiny, but so cute the homes here are gorgeous.



Some of my favorite shops on the Island are ,   Art for the Soul, a gallery of unique gifts. 



 Fresh Produce , a  colorful clothing shop.




and  a candle shop where they make their candles right there at the shop, I had to buy some aloe scented  ones.



What I noticed was teal,  bright green and white was the color of a lot of these clothes, decor and shops. I love these colors they make me feel very earthy , feminine and   happy.




On the way back I saw this group of girls all dressed up like princesses, they were adorable. 



 Balboa pier, a popular destination for families and children.



Of course I had to bring  Leo back to ride the ferris wheel, he rode it three times.



A magical place and I had a wonderful time. Hope you are enjoying your summer, next I will post my recipe for my Shrimp Boil ,  a must have when you’re at the beach !  Have a great week !

The Gilmore Farmers Market in L.A.

      A weekend with the girls in West Hollywood,  Kim , Danielle and I hopped into my cousins  Vintage Classic V.W. bug and headed to the Gilmore’s Farmers Market in L.A.   Established in 1934, when a dozen local farmers parked their trucks on an open field, once a dairy farm, to sell fresh produce to local residents, the Market remains true to its roots today.


It’s still the best grocery store in L. A. offering a remarkable selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats , poultry and fish, baked goods, ice cream and nuts. I am wearing 1960’s vintage baby blue earrings and a 1980’s orange dress.

 At patio tables and sit-down restaurants people gather daily to visit and eat some cuisine from around the world, French crepes, Mexican,  and Brazilian fare to name a few.

Vintage L.A. at it’s best, history lives here, when Arthur Fremont Gilmore came west from Illinois in 1870, he and his partner purchased two sizable farms. When the partners decided to part they drew straws and Arthur Gilmore became the sole owner of the 256 acre dairy farm at the corner of third and Fairfax in L.A.

I love this old Ford truck on display here, I can imagine the farmers loading up this truck with all their fresh fruits and vegetables and selling them right off this truck.

A great weekend with the girls and a great day of shopping at the stores and the  Gilmore’s Farmers Market, for more information,

 Hope everyone has a great week !

Simple morning pleasure by Dorothy Andries

My special morning simple pleasure is going to the pool across the
street for the early adult swim or taking an early morning walk
through our parks and just hearing the birds sing. That is the time
when I pray for everyone in the family and ask that you all be safe
and well. Next time you come, we must walk the labyrinth together over
at St. Gregory’s Church, which is just down the block from us.


 Thank you for your wonderful simple morning pleasures
email, I took this picture at  the front of the condo ,one  of the
beautiful North Chicago parks, and I too  loved walking in the mists
of all the old beautiful trees .

                                             Thanks again, Love Cheryl

Please keep sending me your simple morning pleasure so I can post them. Thank-you.

European flower market


A European flower market, Wisteria Grove and a French Boutique , Three French Hens all in one location, Old Town Claremont.  When I feel like going back to Paris for a little shopping I head to this beautiful shop.  I put on my little black dress, french hat and I grab my  straw bag, a women got to look chic when shopping in Paris. Right ?





I hear the owner of this shop makes frequent trips to Paris to get her Parisian wares, I love this French bucket, a must have for all Parisian events.



Vintage French leather hat boxes are so charming and  perfect for all your French post cards  .



What I love about Wisteria Grove is they custom make beautiful whimsical flower arrangements , a must see shop (Shops)  for any unique European occasion.




oh la la , inspires  a French Chic affair !    Ah another  perfect day shopping in Paris , and it’s only 20 minutes till I’m  home !





San Juan Capistrano Shops

My favorite place to get great items for my events, and my home, San Juan Capistrano, California. A very romantic old town, and as a California romantic…I love to come here and just linger. It’s a wonderful place to take the  out of town guests and  I  do a little shopping for myself.



And one of  my favorites is A Touch of Elegant, right across from the Mission, and what a beautiful elegant shop it is. Just look at some of this items.




What a fun and clever way they display  items…



Now let’s take a look inside…..


candles, candles, candles, how simply magical


mirrors , crosses and candles, group so beautifuly  together.



The old brick walls are a nice background…




 earthy …




 A must see shop .   Across the street  is a design shop called “Whim” another magical shop filled with unusal things.




 The outdoors was as lovely as the indoors.


 A  birdcage just outside the front door, and a fountain filled with fish.



An outdoor statuary including a  mystery st..

Hope everyone has a wonderful week !