Newport Beach for Mother’s Day

A  day of relaxing at the beach with the kids is my idea of a wonderful day. I am wearing a retro 1980’s swimsuit with a 1980’s stripe tee.The weather was cool and breezy, my umbrella blew away while I was sitting there and a guy came over and said’ is this yours ?”  I dropped my small pocket camera and it broke , so I asked Darrill to take a few pictures with his phone camera. He took two. As a mom  I realized how important it is to have a small pocket camera with you at all times. I missed a lot of great shots today of the kids …

 Hunter and Leo made an amazing sandcastle. Then we met Tanya , Justin and his girlfriend Andrea at the Crab Cooker for lunch. I love the Crab Cooker, I  would have to say it’s the best place in Newport Beach to eat. Lunch was divine.

(Photo Justin’s camera phone)

I love to post pictures of Newport Beach and I am sorry I don’t have any photos of the beach, shops or the food that we ate . Tomorrow I am running to Best Buy to pick up a new pocket camera. Well thank goodness for phone cameras because now I have four photos of my Mother’s Day !   A simply fun but exhausting day….hope all you moms enjoyed your day.

xoxo Cheryl

Crab Cooker in Newport Beach …

Backpack riding  to the Crab Cooker at Newport Beach (#5 in our ten things we want to do for the summer) is a great way to spend a weekend. We rode our bikes (Hunter and I ) 6 miles along the coast and stopped to get some clam chowder, sourdough bread and butter.

I put our lunch in my front basket and rode to the pier where we dine Alfresco at the water’s edge.

I would say this clam chowder is the best along the California coast…a great place for fish too !!

hope everyone has a great Sunday !

Just Plain Hot in Black and White…

I have been experimenting with my photos by  controverting them to black and white and I have found that people look just plain hot in black and white. I am not sure why, I think it’s because it adds that element of drama we all seem to love.

 Let me show you an example of Brains photo at the beach  in color.



Now take a look at it in black and white.



All of a sudden I am taken black to the days of James Dean, just so cool   ! The red sign in the color photo is  distracting and takes your view away from Brain, where the black and white seems to keep your focus on Brain.

Here is another color photo, this one is  of Hunter at Newport Beach. 




Now here is the photo in black and white.



Seems to  keep your focus on the person, and the background seems to melt away . I am considering publishing a book on the California coast with black and white photos and some color too, a mixture of the elements of style.  I like it, what do you think ?? 


Newport Beach in January

Darrill’s mom was  here from Illinois visiting so I wanted to go to Newport Beach, we stopped at the Crab Cooker for some of their wonderful clam  chowder and sourdough bread. We took our meal over to the water’s edge  just in time to see this amazing sunset….wow what a truly wonderful moment….



I looked over at her and said,” we will always remember this moment, because it is so different from our everyday lives.”

Hope you all have a wonderful week !

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