1st Wave Ascension New moon in Leo.

The 1st wave of ascension is apparently here as one third of the world population wakes up in time for the final blood moon on September 27th. I have been on a fast track of ascension as I am sure everyone in this group has been also. If you are a twin flame or have been in a twin flame relationship within the past two years than you are among the 36,000 1st wavers. The reason that most of us did not stay in a Twin flame relationship ( yes I will say it ) is because a twin flame was brought into our vibration for one reason and our higher self was in complete agreement. That was to break our heart wide open and bring all our pain from all our past lives to the surface to be healed once and for all, so we could love ourselves completely. And when we can finally become whole within ourselves without any need to be in a relationship , twin flame , soul mate or any kind and love ourselves completely then we can move on to 5d and start co-creating in the highest form of pure love. We are all streams of energy living an earthy experience . We can find love within ourselves.The union of twin flames brought us to where we are now. A mass wake up call to be in awareness of the new wave of energy that is coming to the planet on September 27th.   Love and Light Sacred Cheryl                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               fall shoot morning 033


New moon is in Sagittarius

New moon in Sagittarius, Nov 22.  The time is for an adventurous spiritual thought form of creating new sounds of light to become  new structures for mankind to inhabit on our New Earth. In this new creation of thought, all form will take flight as this is the sign of the archer shooting her/his bow into the new paradigm. New dreams and realities must be truly activated for all us creators to soar. Be one with all light forms in all dimensions and higher states of awareness and begin to  co-creators  this New Earth. The old matrix is no longer activated and can be dismantled at this time. Take the time to use your higher wisdom and ask your guides to aid in this deactivation of the old matrix. For instantaneous manifestations  is  our reality of a new and beautiful matrix that is composed of pure love and light  which will soon be upon our New Earth. As light workers and co- creators be in service to mother earth and father sky and seed your  divine thoughts onto this grid . This  activation  involves “Wings”, so use your inner voice of  your cosmic center where you soar as angels. Travel LIGHT and be in your  knowing of your souls purpose because it will be revealed to you at this time…        2cd14d6eb41df47b980e024635da2e17Peace , Love & Light   Sacred Cheryl

The natural simplicity of life…

 How can you start seeing yourself in a different light? New Moon is in the dreamy sign of Pisces, which means things that have been hidden will surface and you will not be able to hide anything anymore. Is there something you have been hiding ?  Let it out and let it go. Also your dreams are very insightful at this time so pay attention and see what your higher self is trying to tell you. Light a candle before you go to sleep ,  sweet dreams as your imagination soars and those dreams may surface and become your reality before you know it…Think of pure, original thought as imagination. Think of it as a concept similar to the natural simplicity of life,  …let your dreams unfold and bloom…

Have a great day and night…

Heading to  Old town Pasadena to shop and dine.

Post soon to follow… xoxo