French Inspired…

I used simple and natural decorations this year to create a rustic yet French inspired holidays. I used lots of pinecones from the local mountains and I saved all my wine corks and used them as my center piece for my dinning room table. I used sage greens, pewter, silver feathers and a touch of ruby red. My holidays were simply earthy and fun, hope yours were wonderful too !

xoxo Cheryl

Christmas Tea Time….

The table is set and it’s Christmas tea time…

Al fresco tea table setting and…

A Whimsical Christmas Tea table by Cheryl  …

Every tea cup has a tag with the guest name…

A snowflake cupcake by Dora…

and she made these beautiful little Christmas jewels cupcakes that were so divine.

The girls loved my big stock pot of Sassafras herbal tea with cloves.

Barbara demonstrated wonderful recipes from The Pampered Chef…you can find her website here

and Brianna lovely Frills were such the hit, I had to buy theses beautiful tiles for my Christmas table.

We handled out some beautiful tea gifts from Maria’s Antiques while the women ate Dora’s wonderful cupcakes .

A special thanks to Dora, Barbara and  Brianna for making this a relaxing and magical Christmas tea event…hope to see everyone next year.

Next post my wine Christmas table, and how to have a kitchen tea.

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Celebrate …

Our family has lots to celebrate this holiday season….

for all our blessings, new baby Logan,  Brandon is 26 today and Leonardo is 4 on Sat., and congrats to Tanya, Justin and Hunter for new beginnings at work and at school.

 Celebrate the joys of the season with simple pleasures…

and each other

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

xoxo Cheryl

Mystery Dinner at the Manor house…

It’s a cool and overcast morning at The Manor house….and the Creepy Chic Mystery Dinner is tonight…


I have set the table the night before so I have plenty of time to prepare the food  today..I use all my old silver that my grandma has given me and some extra pieces I have picked up at antique stores and thrift stores.

Here are three pieces I have just bought for tonight’s dinner and I always like to use silver, pewter , clear glass, and white dishes. I think I have spent about five dollars each piece.

I have  mixed  my thrift store finds with my good silver and they look great together !

 I throw the white cloth napkins in the washer and dryer so they have that crinkled look.

I decided to use a white pumpkin with a black crow to keep with the black and white theme.

I used a large white tag with a black and white ribbon for place cards. And I wrote the names in ink and very messy so they looked creepy.

The Menu

spice nuts

fruit platter

veggie platter

raisin carrot salad

pumpkin bread

rosemary pork loin roast

herb mashed potatoes

french green beans

assorted wines

chocolate cupcakes

red velvet cake


Have a simply creepy evening….

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Go to an outdoor concert… #9

Go to an outdoor concert …# 9 ,  on the list of the ten things we want to do for the summer. And Wilson Creek winery was the perfect place for an outdoor concert .

and we had a blast with Tanya and Fernando .

The are such a cute couple and soooo in love !

Tanya was always posing for the camera ever since she was old enough to stand .

My cousin Ronnie played percussion in  the band …

We dined alfresco on cheeses, crackers, nuts, grapes and brownies….and just a little wine.  They played till the sun went down…

a wonderfully enchanting evening…..

So far we only have #4 and # 10 yet to do for our list if you have been following along, and yes I have learned conversation French from my car CD. Leo has too which doesn’t surprise me as he is a little parrot ! Well I have a birthday party planned for Justin on Labor day and we just might  complete the list.. We will see !

4.Have a tennis tournament at night. (everyone plays)

10.End the summer with a  “Family dinner “. (Maybe labor day!)

Hope everyone has a great week !

What to do with your Christmas cards…

I love all the beautiful cards I get for Christmas every year. So I decided to cut them up and punch some holes in the sides, string them with ribbon,   and make a Christmas cards garland for next year.



I cut around  the words with a paper-cutter,  and added some pretty paper angel ornaments I found at the after Christmas sale at Target.



I cut all the cards out and put them in a paper bag all ready to string , a project I can do when I am sitting in front of the T.V. with Leonardo. After all I have all year to complete this project , and every year I can add more! 

Hope everyone  has a nice week.

Simply enjoy… Christmas



I love the natural colors of the local wineries and I love to use these colors in my home.

I  keep my decorations simple and fresh. I have  two trees in pots so I have the  trees up all year. So when Christmas comes around I add my black and white family photos in silver frames, and a little sparkle with silver antique bulbs and crystal ornaments. I love the fresh colors of white, silver gold and apple green with just a touch of red.

My living room has an antique piano and I have added some white flowers and an angel, and a silver crown.

Just a touch of greenery, pinecones, and  gold and brown ornaments for my sconces in my living room .

My breakfast table is set with a snack for santa, a brownie cupcake, mints, and coffee to keep him awake all night long…

 I think Santa will like the red reindeer plates given to me by Darrill’s mom, and the letter C cup for Christmas.

The dinning room table is still a work in progress, so far I have  set the table with white linens , white plates and a couple of pinecones Brandon brought to me from the local mountains.

 I use my silver reindeer vase for all of  my winter holidays, and I have added  fresh greenery from Trader Joe’s.


 I have cut some white roses from my garden and put them into my silver sugar cup, and I use the little snowflake spoon Darrill’s Aunt  sent to me.

In my bathroom and master bedroom I have a tall gold tree and another angel..

My wrapping is creams and golds and silver, and plain brown postage paper with white paper ribbons.  I make my tags with white paper stock and pine cone needles.

My entry table has fresh greenery and small white candles.

 I shop Trader Joe’s for their great selection of French truffles, candy, and Holiday cookies.  Trader’s Joes Greenery is so reasonable , I can add fresh greenery for my home for about $30.00.

I have  a little present filled with French Truffles for each family member for our Christmas eve dinner.

A Simply Earthy Christmas…

Joyeux Noel !

Lover’s Rosemary nuts

The frist thing I did when I moved here to Canyon hills was plant two rosemary bushes in the front yard by the front door. I use fresh rosemary for my turkey, my chicken, my soups and my spiced nuts. I love the smell of rosemary when I am cooking as it fills the air with the scent of the  Holidays. And rosemary is the herb for lovers. Darrill loves these nuts he says they are heaven. Here is my simple recipe for Lover’s rosemary nuts .




I like to put them in a small glass containers ready for gifts or serving.



I cover them with Saran wrap and tie them with string,  and I cut up my Trader Joe bags for tags.



  Soon he will be eating out of palm of your hands !   



We are leaving tomorrow for Solvang to visit with Darrills family , so I will post some pictures of this beautiful quaint town next week, I  hope everyone has a wonderful week !