The world is changing. Welcome to 2012 !

The world is changing. Welcome to the New Reality ! I have been waiting for 2012 for a long time…and I have been wondering when is the big change that has been predicted for so many years. I realized the big change is within us, each and every one of us has the ability to change the world with our thoughts. I was inspired to write this book when we were in Hawaii North Shore and everywhere I looked there was beauty. I thought to myself I would love to live this way everyday….thus Simply Paradise was created …I hope you can  take the time and step into nature , the beach, a lake, the mountains or just my book for just a moment  and enjoy our simply beautiful earth !

It’s a new day  !

xoxo Cheryl

Gratitude Affirmation…

I am grateful for life
And all
that I love
I am grateful for the Earth
And the Sun up above
I am grateful for my spirit
And my inner being
For the One that I express

And the joy of this feeling

( Waikiki 2010 )

When you awaken each day, even before you
get out of bed, think of ten things for which you are grateful. Finish your
reflections with the Gratitude Affirmation and, each day, you’ll feel inspired
to have the best day ever !

(  Affirmation from Owen Waters’ )

    Have a simply wonderful weekend and thanks  abeachcottage !

The North shore


 I wake to the  sound of waves crushing upon the white sandy beach, as I look out from my balcony I remember…. ahhh I’m still here in the Islands. The restless sea calls to me….come swim and dive deep into my  beautiful teal waters. How can I resist ?  Day three and another simply beautiful morning in Hawaii.




Today was the day we were to drive to the north shores. A drive I heard was breath-taking. 





We stopped at this little quaint place on  the side of the road ,North Shores surf shop. And we rented some snorkel equipment. 




 ahhhh the north shores…..yes it was breath-taking….

My anticipation of these beautiful waters got the best of me, I couldn’t wait any longer, I ran to the beach and dived in not realizing the rocks were sharp as knives. She’s beautiful and dangerous , ofcourse it’s  the North shore seas…. where the waves come crashing down upon the rocks of  sharks cove.























Hope everyone has a ravenous week ! 

Simply beautiful…

Simply beautiful the view from  my balcony this morning at about 8 am. It’s dark still, but’s it going to be a glorious dawn, I’m here in Hawaii ! The receding night sky surrenders to a glow coming from the east. It is the netherworld between night and day, the stars still clinging to their light.

The sky slowly comes alive. It a  is warm blue color with a hint of purple, and there are tall green palm trees everywhere. The locals here are very friendly, and yes they have that layed back attitude I find so appealing.

The ocean now reveals itself to the light, the black lines of waves now catching a lavender refelection of the sky above , and the white sands of the beach come to show their treasures…. beautiful exotic shells. The wanderlust of travel, the excitement of adventure once again in the palm of my hands, to be remembered forever in a photograph and  a simply beautiful shell.  

as Lois stated ….The sea and life it envelops is so strong and powerful and the human race seems to take soooo much for granted, not knowing the awesome world that lives under those deep turquoise waves. So powerful yet so calming and relaxing.


Simply beautiful….. once again another truly amazing sunset…, can I stay here forever ?

And congrats to Lois ,the  winner of  collection of shells from California, and a hand caved shell from Hawaii and a journal from The Bountiful so she can write about all  her  adventures !!! Please send me your address , and thank you !!

Welcome to paradise


Well we’re here in paradise and all I can say is wow. The flight was magical as the plane engines stopped for just a moment as we soared into Honolulu. The days here are hot and sunny with a wonderful cool breeze.   The sunsets here are truly amazing .





We are at the Hilton in the  Rainbow Towers on the 21st floor,  and our balcony looks over the Pacific ocean, what a view !




This is where I will be spending my mornings and evenings just simply relaxing.




We spent the day at the lagoon. I had a wonderful time relaxing, while  Darrill and Leo explored the beach.





I shot these photos  last night as we walked the beach , it was about 8pm. There was a wedding going on , and beautiful  Hawaiian music playing in the background. The  tiki torches were  lit on the beach …  




and the sunsets were magical…. 









Well it’s 745 am here  and were off  to breakfast here at the Hilton,  then to a road trip  to do some sight-seeing of the Island.

See you tomorrow here in paradise…