The Winner of the Photo shoot…

                            Is Peral, please let me know if you want a family photo shoot at the lake, or the park or the arbor with red roses. And thanks for all your wonderful comments and well wishes, and thanks for the emails regarding my brother. I have had a few of you say it is such a sensitive subject, but I felt so much better speaking and writing  about it . Today is a new day, and I have spent the day with my beautiful daughter Tanya. She has a beautiful spirit and she always makes me feel wonderful  just being with her.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week….and make every  moment count, life is short so keep smiling !

Give away for the month of November

Yes it’s a give away for the month of November but you must live in Southern California, why because it’s a $200.00 PHOTO SHOOT for free here in sunny California at my lake, or my park or my old town ! Just leave comments, and your in to win. The more comments you leave the more papers with your name goes into the cookie jar, and if you planning on coming to California any time soon, the Photo shoot is good for up to a year ! Soooo the give away starts now ! This photo shoot was taken in old town Lake Elsinore.






The give away ends December 3th, and yes you can have your pictures back before Christmas !

Good Luck ! 

Vintage classic style

When ever I take a plane trip I love to pick up a  Vogue magazine. Why ? Because I love to look at all the beautiful pictures, and well my alter self loves Vintage classic style, and no-one does it better than Vogue. I remember when I was young my mother always had a Vogue magazine lying around, and I would look at the pictures thinking when I grow up I will travel and look like a Vogue cover model. Well I traveled , but I never could get that classic style just right. Okay , I never ever got close.

(1951 vogue)

You  know that perfect Vogue look, classic but understated. Those perfect colored  red lips. This photo was from 1951 and I think today this look would still look great. I love this yellow and black striped scarf.  Timeless, ageless and so chic. I think I will pack blacks , reds and yellows, and my big straw hat (ofcouse) and some little black kitten heel sandals.

(my picture from the Islands)

(This is Kim’s Vogue Cover)

I love all the vintage Vogue covers, this cover is from 1932. I would like to do a vintage classic photo shoot and turn one of the pictures into a Vogue cover. So if any of you classic beauty’s wants to do this kind of photo shoot contact me . Well am off to Honolulu , I thought I would post my daily photos of this Island , hope you will  join me.


This is the last week of the give-away, so leave your comments, I will add something from the Islands !


Simple Morning pleasures Comment by Lois !

Ah…early morning in Winnipeg (southern Canada). So beautiful, drops of due glistening in the early morning sunshine. It clings to everything, the grass and all the flowers growing in my yard, peonies, bright fushia, the soft delicate pink and the all wonderful clean and beautiful white bloosoms. Some are in open in full bloom, some are still tightly clinging shut. I have a Bleeding Heart that was my mum’s from out at my parents place at the lake. The exquisite little pink hearts that cling to the branches dripping with due, bring my mum (&dad) to mind and always keep them close to my heart. Nature seems to have a way of doing that, beautiful yet simple. The tiny white flower clusters of Lily of the Valley fill the air this morning with the sweetest aroma that the light breeze is just blowing around my yard. The Canadian Anemone that grow wild in my yard are so pretty, stong and hearty but still have the delicate white blossoms that bloom all summer long. The Liatris with their long stem and purple flowers that blooms from July until Sept. I listen to the mummy birds singing as the feed their little ones that have just hatched in my lilac tree and also in a bird house near my back door. Everything is so vivid and alive. Morning is such a peaceful and georgeous time of day.



( So well said I had to post this comment for all to read , thank you  Lois, love always Cheryl)



(I was so inspired by Lois’s comment I posted the third give away French  post card, keep the beautiful comments coming !)

flowers and french postcards


My collection of my beautiful  flower photography and French postcards , Vintage French postcards

from a bygone era, I love the writings so quaint and romantic,  what could be more

simply feminine  !  



A give away just  for you,  just leave a comment …and

you’re  in the drawing, and you get six postcards

the third ones a surprise,  till  the end of June !