Simply enjoy… Christmas



I love the natural colors of the local wineries and I love to use these colors in my home.

I  keep my decorations simple and fresh. I have  two trees in pots so I have the  trees up all year. So when Christmas comes around I add my black and white family photos in silver frames, and a little sparkle with silver antique bulbs and crystal ornaments. I love the fresh colors of white, silver gold and apple green with just a touch of red.

My living room has an antique piano and I have added some white flowers and an angel, and a silver crown.

Just a touch of greenery, pinecones, and  gold and brown ornaments for my sconces in my living room .

My breakfast table is set with a snack for santa, a brownie cupcake, mints, and coffee to keep him awake all night long…

 I think Santa will like the red reindeer plates given to me by Darrill’s mom, and the letter C cup for Christmas.

The dinning room table is still a work in progress, so far I have  set the table with white linens , white plates and a couple of pinecones Brandon brought to me from the local mountains.

 I use my silver reindeer vase for all of  my winter holidays, and I have added  fresh greenery from Trader Joe’s.


 I have cut some white roses from my garden and put them into my silver sugar cup, and I use the little snowflake spoon Darrill’s Aunt  sent to me.

In my bathroom and master bedroom I have a tall gold tree and another angel..

My wrapping is creams and golds and silver, and plain brown postage paper with white paper ribbons.  I make my tags with white paper stock and pine cone needles.

My entry table has fresh greenery and small white candles.

 I shop Trader Joe’s for their great selection of French truffles, candy, and Holiday cookies.  Trader’s Joes Greenery is so reasonable , I can add fresh greenery for my home for about $30.00.

I have  a little present filled with French Truffles for each family member for our Christmas eve dinner.

A Simply Earthy Christmas…

Joyeux Noel !

Lover’s Rosemary nuts

The frist thing I did when I moved here to Canyon hills was plant two rosemary bushes in the front yard by the front door. I use fresh rosemary for my turkey, my chicken, my soups and my spiced nuts. I love the smell of rosemary when I am cooking as it fills the air with the scent of the  Holidays. And rosemary is the herb for lovers. Darrill loves these nuts he says they are heaven. Here is my simple recipe for Lover’s rosemary nuts .




I like to put them in a small glass containers ready for gifts or serving.



I cover them with Saran wrap and tie them with string,  and I cut up my Trader Joe bags for tags.



  Soon he will be eating out of palm of your hands !   



We are leaving tomorrow for Solvang to visit with Darrills family , so I will post some pictures of this beautiful quaint town next week, I  hope everyone has a wonderful week !

The Gilmore Farmers Market in L.A.

      A weekend with the girls in West Hollywood,  Kim , Danielle and I hopped into my cousins  Vintage Classic V.W. bug and headed to the Gilmore’s Farmers Market in L.A.   Established in 1934, when a dozen local farmers parked their trucks on an open field, once a dairy farm, to sell fresh produce to local residents, the Market remains true to its roots today.


It’s still the best grocery store in L. A. offering a remarkable selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats , poultry and fish, baked goods, ice cream and nuts. I am wearing 1960’s vintage baby blue earrings and a 1980’s orange dress.

 At patio tables and sit-down restaurants people gather daily to visit and eat some cuisine from around the world, French crepes, Mexican,  and Brazilian fare to name a few.

Vintage L.A. at it’s best, history lives here, when Arthur Fremont Gilmore came west from Illinois in 1870, he and his partner purchased two sizable farms. When the partners decided to part they drew straws and Arthur Gilmore became the sole owner of the 256 acre dairy farm at the corner of third and Fairfax in L.A.

I love this old Ford truck on display here, I can imagine the farmers loading up this truck with all their fresh fruits and vegetables and selling them right off this truck.

A great weekend with the girls and a great day of shopping at the stores and the  Gilmore’s Farmers Market, for more information,

 Hope everyone has a great week !

Postcards from Paris



If there is a city that is profoundly feminine , it is Paris, I said it before and I will say it again.  Everything about the city is for  women, to walk ,  savor,  enjoy all the wonderful things just for us…..the flowers wrap in colored  papers tied with simple strings, where you bring your own straw bag to fill at the colorful street markets. The shop windows with their tumbling wares, their message that women’s concerns with finery and food are important. Or the language, which lends itself to whispers. Ahhh  the women themselves, who stride by with scarves just so, and handbags tucked elegantly under their arms. The postcards from Paris, so romantic and written in such a feminine way.



Postcards from Paris , just for you don’t forget my give away at the end of June.




Simple Morning pleasures Comment by Lois !

Ah…early morning in Winnipeg (southern Canada). So beautiful, drops of due glistening in the early morning sunshine. It clings to everything, the grass and all the flowers growing in my yard, peonies, bright fushia, the soft delicate pink and the all wonderful clean and beautiful white bloosoms. Some are in open in full bloom, some are still tightly clinging shut. I have a Bleeding Heart that was my mum’s from out at my parents place at the lake. The exquisite little pink hearts that cling to the branches dripping with due, bring my mum (&dad) to mind and always keep them close to my heart. Nature seems to have a way of doing that, beautiful yet simple. The tiny white flower clusters of Lily of the Valley fill the air this morning with the sweetest aroma that the light breeze is just blowing around my yard. The Canadian Anemone that grow wild in my yard are so pretty, stong and hearty but still have the delicate white blossoms that bloom all summer long. The Liatris with their long stem and purple flowers that blooms from July until Sept. I listen to the mummy birds singing as the feed their little ones that have just hatched in my lilac tree and also in a bird house near my back door. Everything is so vivid and alive. Morning is such a peaceful and georgeous time of day.



( So well said I had to post this comment for all to read , thank you  Lois, love always Cheryl)



(I was so inspired by Lois’s comment I posted the third give away French  post card, keep the beautiful comments coming !)

flowers and french postcards


My collection of my beautiful  flower photography and French postcards , Vintage French postcards

from a bygone era, I love the writings so quaint and romantic,  what could be more

simply feminine  !  



A give away just  for you,  just leave a comment …and

you’re  in the drawing, and you get six postcards

the third ones a surprise,  till  the end of June !

Simple outdoor set up



I had a few emails asking me how I set  my outdoor dining table , well I make it simple by having my picnic basket (bought at a thrift store for ten dollars) filled with my white plates, silverware, wine glasses, cloth  napkins and I get the salt and pepper, and carry everything  outside, I add a white table-cloth and set  the table . Sometimes I use my picnic basket for dinner rolls.  I always have my white  milk picture filled with white roses from my garden . How simple is that ? I am having a large party on  Monday so I am off to look for some chairs at the local thrift stores.  Thanks for the emails !  


Art and Antiques

A beautiful day in L.A. after Joan on Third I drove up highway 101 to Topanga canyon , I love driving  this winding road all the way to the coast. I stopped at Main st USA  along the way and saw this beautiful little shop off the side of the road , Tauni Brustin Main st USA. 369 so. Topanga canyon Blvd.

I fell in love with this large clock hanging outside, surrounded by a  beautiful  french garden.

She had beautiful rustic french garden gates everywhere, if I wasn’t in my convertible I would have taken some home.

 I love old french garden gates, the peeling paint makes theses stunning.

I was in love with this shop before I walked inside !!

Now let’s go inside….

I need this dress stand….well maybe not ….yes I should buy this.

I loooovvvve this antique sliver tureen. I need it !!

More silver , I better go before I do some serious damage.

A must see shop, don’t you think ???

One last shot on the way out, I could have spent my entire day here, well on to the California coast I love so much.

San Juan Capistrano Shops

My favorite place to get great items for my events, and my home, San Juan Capistrano, California. A very romantic old town, and as a California romantic…I love to come here and just linger. It’s a wonderful place to take the  out of town guests and  I  do a little shopping for myself.



And one of  my favorites is A Touch of Elegant, right across from the Mission, and what a beautiful elegant shop it is. Just look at some of this items.




What a fun and clever way they display  items…



Now let’s take a look inside…..


candles, candles, candles, how simply magical


mirrors , crosses and candles, group so beautifuly  together.



The old brick walls are a nice background…




 earthy …




 A must see shop .   Across the street  is a design shop called “Whim” another magical shop filled with unusal things.




 The outdoors was as lovely as the indoors.


 A  birdcage just outside the front door, and a fountain filled with fish.



An outdoor statuary including a  mystery st..

Hope everyone has a wonderful week !