French Inspired…

I used simple and natural decorations this year to create a rustic yet French inspired holidays. I used lots of pinecones from the local mountains and I saved all my wine corks and used them as my center piece for my dinning room table. I used sage greens, pewter, silver feathers and a touch of ruby red. My holidays were simply earthy and fun, hope yours were wonderful too !

xoxo Cheryl

Simply earthy Rolling greens Nursery

As far as nursery go this one is very earthy and so beautiful. This place use to be the town tire , and the sign is still there and before that it was an open air market in the 1930’s. This Hollywood location caters to the woman with the home decor building  and the cooking building which makes this a place Kim and I had to see.

 So  very rustic yet elegant …

The selection of pottery is perfect for any earth plant lover.

 I was thinking this old rusty bird-cage would look great for my mystery dinner this month. Well I have to wait and see what else there was here. Kim and I headed into the home decor building…and I really enjoyed the very beautiful  display of textiles, old books and old antique silver trays. Yes I must have a silver tray.

This place was so very  enchanting, complete with brick walls and beautiful chandelier …….

and bedding for any bedroom (at a plant nursery wow ?)…

and more urns and textiles…

This place had different sections for everything. The kitchen area had everything a cook would love…from all kinds of cooking essentials.

to candles and salt boxes.

The perfect wonderful circular cutting board. (I’ll take one of these too ! )

Cook books on earthy cuisine from Italy to Sweden’s sweets.

european towels…why yes I ‘ll take a few!

Never trust a skinny cook sign(cute ) . I would have liked to take just a few more things home but I ended up with  an antique silver tray for my Mystery dinner. As your insider guide to great places in L.A. this is a  must see with the girls !

 You can enter their site here

Have a great week !

San Clemente part 3, Dining Alfresco

I left the guys at the beach while I went to see if I could find a quaint place to dine outside and enjoy the very cool scenery. ( Darrill and Leo like to  dine at the local pizza hut ). 


I found this very cute place called La Galette Creperie,  FRENCH in the middle of  San Clemente beach, how simply perfect !



I sat down at a little pink table with white chairs…



 and they bought me a menu…



I enjoyed looking at the very original  menu.



Croque Madam, a classic favorite with a hint of nutmeg and the price was right as the menu said cash only.



The view was very nice , but I felt like I was  sitting on the edge of the sidewalk , I enjoyed  watching the people passing by…



a simple crepe …but it was so very tasty…



I would say this crepe was  very good, and the service was okay,  but  I am looking forward to coming back and trying one of the fruit crepes… 

I hope everyone has a simply relaxing  weekend, and  Happy Earth day ! 

Vintage classic style

When ever I take a plane trip I love to pick up a  Vogue magazine. Why ? Because I love to look at all the beautiful pictures, and well my alter self loves Vintage classic style, and no-one does it better than Vogue. I remember when I was young my mother always had a Vogue magazine lying around, and I would look at the pictures thinking when I grow up I will travel and look like a Vogue cover model. Well I traveled , but I never could get that classic style just right. Okay , I never ever got close.

(1951 vogue)

You  know that perfect Vogue look, classic but understated. Those perfect colored  red lips. This photo was from 1951 and I think today this look would still look great. I love this yellow and black striped scarf.  Timeless, ageless and so chic. I think I will pack blacks , reds and yellows, and my big straw hat (ofcouse) and some little black kitten heel sandals.

(my picture from the Islands)

(This is Kim’s Vogue Cover)

I love all the vintage Vogue covers, this cover is from 1932. I would like to do a vintage classic photo shoot and turn one of the pictures into a Vogue cover. So if any of you classic beauty’s wants to do this kind of photo shoot contact me . Well am off to Honolulu , I thought I would post my daily photos of this Island , hope you will  join me.


This is the last week of the give-away, so leave your comments, I will add something from the Islands !


I believe





“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”
~ Audrey Hepburn

( A women after my own heart )

Linus bike shop

Biking down Abbot Kinney drive in Venice beach I saw a few more cool vintage shops. I liked this very shabby chic beach shack. It had a lot of wonderful french garden urns.  1502 Abbot Kinney dr. Venice Beach.

Now I was too embarrassed to admit I could not find the Linus bike shop the first time Kim and I came here to Venice Beach, so when I  finally found  it I  was thrilled ….

The shop was at  1413 1/2 Abbot Kinney Blvd., which was down a path that’s why I had such a hard time finding it.

It was worth the wait…

These bikes were so retro French chic  , I loved the thin style of these bikes, but the price was a little high.

About $500.00 to start , I would have loved to have  purchased one,  I was swept  away by the charm of these beautiful bikes. Anyone who walk by stopped and  noticed  how very different these bikes were. The seats and  handle bars  were brown leather, and the bikes had a slim retro  body, they had custom baskets and side-saddle bags, they were just plain cool.  Another very cool French chic shop I found was French 50’s-60’s right down the street at 1427 Abbot Kinney Blvd. The owner Michele Summerlath has been collecting and dealing French antiques for over 30 years, but this whimsical store is mid-century modern. Lighting, abstract art, shaggy rugs and accessories are abundance here, and it looks like  Brigitte Bardot’s boudoir in a Godard film.  I can imagine Brigitte Bardot in her white slim jeans and her striped black and beige sweater, her hair swept up in a french twist,  riding a Linus style  bike down a beautiful old street in Paris. Then of course she goes into her  very french chic decorated boudoir for a glass of wine. That’s how this very cool Venice beach town makes me feel. Summer is coming  to an end, and I can say I enjoyed every moment of it, I  hope everyone has a wonderful week .

I love my new bike…

I have finally bought a Schwinn classic bike (the Jenny from $ 279.00.)  with all the accessories, and I ride it almost everyday.   Something about being on a bike makes me feel well, younger. I love riding along the California  coast, or the canyons here where I live. …do you remember the  classic french movies of the 60’s  with the french girl riding her bike with her white tennis shoes ,  a little plaid dress, and  a straw  hat, so much fun….

In most urban cultures bicycles are viewed as legitimate transportation and not merely recreation, but sadly this idea never really caught on in the US. We take numerous little journeys, under 5 miles, as part of our everyday life…. to the store, the pub, to work, etc. Besides the obvious joy of riding a bicycle, these small bicycle trips reduce carbon emissions, congestion, noise pol-lution, and make for a happier, city experience. Well I am on my way to Venice to ride my new bike,  where’s my white tennis and my little  french hat ?

Postcards from Paris



If there is a city that is profoundly feminine , it is Paris, I said it before and I will say it again.  Everything about the city is for  women, to walk ,  savor,  enjoy all the wonderful things just for us…..the flowers wrap in colored  papers tied with simple strings, where you bring your own straw bag to fill at the colorful street markets. The shop windows with their tumbling wares, their message that women’s concerns with finery and food are important. Or the language, which lends itself to whispers. Ahhh  the women themselves, who stride by with scarves just so, and handbags tucked elegantly under their arms. The postcards from Paris, so romantic and written in such a feminine way.



Postcards from Paris , just for you don’t forget my give away at the end of June.