Viennese Coffee…

Now that we can make a great cup of coffee from a french press, I thought I would give you the recipe for my favorite coffee drink, Viennese Coffee 

 I had this coffee in Venice , Italy and I will never forget how enchanting that day was, or how wonderful this coffee drink taste. It was a cold and brisk day and I was wearing black gloves, a tweed gray coat , jeans and black boots. Funny how a smell or a taste can send you back in time. My recipe is for two of course. 


2 cups of coffee, dark roast

1/2 cup heavy cream whipped

ground cinnamon, nutmeg 

Pour the coffee into two cups. Top each cup with a large dollop of whipped cream, swirl the whip cream with a spoon and sprinkel with cinnamon and nutmeg.

My next post is two simply enchanting shops in Old town Claremont that takes me back to my youth, have a great day !

xoxo Cheryl

Feels like a fall day…

It was a long weekend and I am still recuperating from our Mystery dinner. When I woke up  it was the perfect fall day , just a little rainy with white puffy clouds in a gray blue sky.  I went to my favorite cafe to have an ice tea  and a  croissant sandwich … to just  relax and enjoy the cool crisp October day…

I picked up this book on Coffee….decovering exploring  and enjoying. I was thinking I would create some coffee gift baskets this year , complete with fresh ground coffee a french press and some baked goods . Who wouldn’t love that ? I have been on a French press buying spree lately and found a few at the local thrift stores. Seem a lot of people don’t know how to use them so they throw them out. I am one such person guilty of such a crime, as I was given one as a present and I thought what is this for and  I gave it away. Oh well live and learn.

I really enjoyed looking at all the beautiful photographs of cups of coffee and reading about the fact that a French  press  is the prefered method of rich robust coffee . And of course I knew that ! After all  I have about four of them now,  as I like to use one for decaf and one for regular and one for espresso, and my guests are always so impressed !

With all theses beautiful photos of coffee, I had to run into the cafe and have a  warm cup of coffee for  myself…

   Whats your favorite season ? Do you own a French press ? I think my next post will be on how to make a great cup of coffee from a  french press.

Hope your  enjoying  this beautiful fall season..

xoxo Cheryl

My kitchen essentials #1 equipment

I organize my kitchen in September for all the fall and winter holidays. I love  to cook in the fall so I make sure my kitchen is ready and in stock.  My kitchen essentials #1 is the first  in a series of  kitchen essentials posts I will be doing. Maybe I will post these on Friday’s  for weekend shopping .  I  have my Sunday farmer’s market day and I look forward to that day. Here is my  bare bones essentials that I use daily.  Good if your just starting a kitchen and great for making most of my recipes.

1. Large canister filled with large spoons , whisk, soup ladle, spatulas.

2. Cheese grater (any size is good)

3. Toothpicks

4. salt and pepper

5. coffee press (makes great coffee)

6. potato peeler.

7.egg slicer

8. cutting board (any size will do )

9. 10″ knife and 10″ fork

10. small strainer

11. cake spatula

12. hand mixer

13. measuring cups ( a must )

14.  hand-held juicer ( I use this all the time )

1. wine opener

2. cheese slicer

3. can opener

4. desert spatula

5. ice cream scooper

6. pizza cutter

7. food scissors

8. sharp steak knife

9. bread knife

10. 10″ knife

11. carving knife

1. cream napkins (I use these for bread baskets and guest napkins )

2. good pot holders (make sure they are thick )

3. canvas bag (My fresh and easy bag I carry everywhere)

4. a good apron (this one is from Target)

5. garden shovel

You can buy coffee beans and  use the grinder at your local Trader Joe’s and store the coffee in a stainless steel container. With a French coffee press  you will have great coffee to impress any out-of-town guest.

 Thanks abeachcottage for good life Wed !

February’s Inspirations….


Let you heart be light and ….wish.  Brandon my first son gave me this beautiful coffee cup last year for Christmas and I keep it on my desk so I can remember to close my eyes and simply …WISH !

I love the month of February all the beautiful flowers and special chocolates ,and I love all my keepsakes that I have gotten through the years  from my children and from my sweetheart ! Indulge  in your favorite coffee or chai tea , and treat  yourself  by reconnecting with cherished memories…  after all you deserve it .  

Have a simply wonderful week !