French Inspired…

I used simple and natural decorations this year to create a rustic yet French inspired holidays. I used lots of pinecones from the local mountains and I saved all my wine corks and used them as my center piece for my dinning room table. I used sage greens, pewter, silver feathers and a touch of ruby red. My holidays were simply earthy and fun, hope yours were wonderful too !

xoxo Cheryl

A Whimsical Christmas tea…

We are having a Whimsical Christmas Tea event this Sunday at my home in Southern California. Highlights are The Pampered Chef by Barbara and she will be giving a cooking class. Cupcake design by Dora and she will be showing us how to create little jewels with cupcakes. Holiday table setting by Cheryl, and I will have three different ways to create beautiful tables and dramatic center pieces. And we will have lovely Christmas gifts by Brianna. Maria’s Antiques is our sponsor and she  has given us some beautiful tea gifts for our drawing.

Should be lots of fun ! Please join us on my blog…

  • Spiced Tea Punch
  • 10 whole cloves
  • 4 cinnamon sticks
  • 8 cups apple juice
  • 8  blackberry tea bags
  • 1 Navel orange, cut crosswise into rounds.
  • Wrap cloves and cinnamon sticks in a piece of cheesecloth or a coffee filter and secure with kitchen twine. Bring apple juice and spices just to the boiling point. Remove from heat and add tea bags. Steep for 4 to 6 minutes then remove tea bags. Let cool to room temperature, then refrigerate until cold

What to do with your Christmas cards…

I love all the beautiful cards I get for Christmas every year. So I decided to cut them up and punch some holes in the sides, string them with ribbon,   and make a Christmas cards garland for next year.



I cut around  the words with a paper-cutter,  and added some pretty paper angel ornaments I found at the after Christmas sale at Target.



I cut all the cards out and put them in a paper bag all ready to string , a project I can do when I am sitting in front of the T.V. with Leonardo. After all I have all year to complete this project , and every year I can add more! 

Hope everyone  has a nice week.

A Winter Wonderland …

I must say we had a wonderful time celebrating the New Year at the beautiful mountains of California. We stopped at Lake Arrowhead, a beautiful French style Village, just off of Hwy 18. Darrill pulled off the road to find this beautiful little area for us to dine Al Fresco and to do a little sledding.



ah the perfect spot to look out onto the beautiful snow-capped mountains.



and to have some hot chocolate and snow star cookies.



I picked up these linen napkins at Target for $2.00 , at their after Christmas sale. They are perfect against the white snow.  We had to eat the cookies fast as they began to freeze.  I brought the hot chocolate in a thermos so it was nice and hot. 



Leo loves , loves , loves playing in  the snow.




 and he loves being pulled around in his little sled even more.



I tried to push him, but he wanted nothing to do with me.



 These guys were having way to much fun.



I found this pretty little sprig of evergreen with a pinecones laying next to it, nature’s creations so delicate , so  beautiful…




… I wish I could take this magical winter wonderland home with me just for the Holidays.  I guess I will have to settle for a few pinecones. Next post snow skiing at Snow Valley.

Hope everyone has a magical week !   


Celebrating the beauty of nature

Our (Darrill and I) Christmas tradition is to get up early after Christmas eve with my children and head up to Big Bear to go skiing. I love the beautiful scenic drive up to Big Bear. It only takes about 1 1/2 hours to get to snow summit from our home, but the roads were closed  from all the rain , so we had to go up the back way and it took about  2 1/2 hours.  Never the less it was still a beautiful drive, and well worth it !



   Simply beautiful white snow-covered mountains…



and beautiful flocked evergreen trees…



 We all try to recreate this winter wonderland in our homes for Christmas, but it’s never quite as beautiful as natures creation.



 Leo likes to ski, but  he loves  sitting down and playing  in the snow.



and he loves to  stick his finger in the snow and eat it.



He then  said he was hungry and wanted a snack bar…and then he wanted another one. A little Al fresco dinning. Then he wanted me to just sit there in the snow with him.



Darrill finally came and decided to take him to the bunny slope,   and I headed to the ski lifts, which were pretty empty. I love riding the ski lifts and just looking out at the beautiful snow covered moutains.  Just me and natures finest.



The snow was a beautiful cold blue power, perfect for skiing. The temperature was a warm but brisk 45 degrees.




I skied untill the sun went down, and the sunset was breathtaking.



 Santa was there,  so Leo wanted  to have our picture taken with him. 



I was able to talk Darrill into coming back here to spend our New Years eve  here skiing.

 I have a superstition that how you spend your New Years eve is how your year will be. So hopefully our New Year will be eventful and in celebration of the beauty of nature…  

Have  a wonderful New Year !


All is calm all is bright…


Welcome…from my home to yours this Christmas eve…





a simple Christmas with my Children, what could be better than that?



Antique ornaments (from the Pottery barn) hanging on the tree, and pictures of my family.



My wrapping is brown paper bags, with white paper ribbon.  I made my tags, with glue and pines and a little green bow . 




The table is set and I have a turkey in the oven, the kids should be here at 5pm for dinner.



 and they arrive looking so very nice.



some simple earthy touches by the bed , and  a baby picture of my mom.



Goodnight to all… and  to all sleep tight … , I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

xoxo Cheryl  

(I had some request for more Christmas pictures so I added a few more )

The Yuletide Wizard

The Yuletide wizard of the North recognize Christmas as a season steeped in magic and enchantment tradition and ritual. One of the most interesting of the Yuletide tradition is that which has come to be known as the Christmas tree. The lore of the Christmas tree finds its roots in the ancient observation that when other trees drop their leaves and seem to die…the evergreen runs with sap. This promise of a perpetuation of life, not to mention the glimmer of trapped magic, has long given pine, spruce and fir special significance in the web of nature. The evergreens appeals harkens back to ancient Egypt, Palestine and China, where its branches were twisted into wreaths as symbols of immortality. Scandinavians believed the branches offered protection against evil spirits, thus, barns and homes were adorned in evergreens during the shortest days of winter, a month called Jol. The word” yule” celebrates this custom.

Europeans eventually began to decorate the trees themself with nuts fruits and berries, natural symbols of spring, summer and harvest time. Later the trees were brought indoors and began to be adorned with Christian symbols such as wafers and candles, memorializing Jesus Christ as the light of the world. But no matter the belief or tradition, as long as the joy, goodwill and magic of the Christmas tree be found year-round in the enchantment of the evergreen.

The Legend of the Lore. Bags of good tidings is full of gifts , toys and other enchantments. It is tightly secured by a lock that takes a key the shape of a star. The rainbow. A tool used by a very specialized sect of elves that works closely with the flicker fairies to collect and distribute the colors of the rainbow to light beams in need.  Season Spheres. These orbs are the vessels of enchantments that are used to carry the sights, sounds and scents of the seasons. Thought to be the forerunners of tree ornaments. The Northern Lights is one of natures finest light shows, its mysterious energies help to fuel the deeds of the Yuletide Wizard.

All information and text from ” The Way of the Wizards “, by Tom Cross. A children book.

Hope everyone has a simply enchanting Christmas, I believe in MAGIC and the Yuletide Wizard.  

Simply enjoy… Christmas



I love the natural colors of the local wineries and I love to use these colors in my home.

I  keep my decorations simple and fresh. I have  two trees in pots so I have the  trees up all year. So when Christmas comes around I add my black and white family photos in silver frames, and a little sparkle with silver antique bulbs and crystal ornaments. I love the fresh colors of white, silver gold and apple green with just a touch of red.

My living room has an antique piano and I have added some white flowers and an angel, and a silver crown.

Just a touch of greenery, pinecones, and  gold and brown ornaments for my sconces in my living room .

My breakfast table is set with a snack for santa, a brownie cupcake, mints, and coffee to keep him awake all night long…

 I think Santa will like the red reindeer plates given to me by Darrill’s mom, and the letter C cup for Christmas.

The dinning room table is still a work in progress, so far I have  set the table with white linens , white plates and a couple of pinecones Brandon brought to me from the local mountains.

 I use my silver reindeer vase for all of  my winter holidays, and I have added  fresh greenery from Trader Joe’s.


 I have cut some white roses from my garden and put them into my silver sugar cup, and I use the little snowflake spoon Darrill’s Aunt  sent to me.

In my bathroom and master bedroom I have a tall gold tree and another angel..

My wrapping is creams and golds and silver, and plain brown postage paper with white paper ribbons.  I make my tags with white paper stock and pine cone needles.

My entry table has fresh greenery and small white candles.

 I shop Trader Joe’s for their great selection of French truffles, candy, and Holiday cookies.  Trader’s Joes Greenery is so reasonable , I can add fresh greenery for my home for about $30.00.

I have  a little present filled with French Truffles for each family member for our Christmas eve dinner.

A Simply Earthy Christmas…

Joyeux Noel !