Mother’s Day at Seaport Village…

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Seaport Village San Diego might look like a regular shopping center when it’s closed and no one is there, but when the sun is out and it’s time to play, this place is a traveler’s delight. Seaport Village San Diego is full of great entertainment, attractions, shopping and dining that – combined with an excellent San Diego Harbor view – truly makes it our place to be every summer. My daughter, Leo ,Geo and I had a wonderful time biking this beautiful coast. This Village has 14 acres of fun boutiques, great dining and seasonal live music and events. My  family and I usually spend a day or two enjoying this great escape. Seaport Village San Diego is close enough to Downtown San Diego that you can get there easily, but far enough that it’s a great escape. A must see California coast, hope everyone had a great Mother’s day !

Back on a Bike

I have had some emails asking what should you look for when buying a bike. Most of us haven’t rode a bike in well 10 years, or maybe 20. Leo’s grandma got back on a bike and rode all day at Venice Beach, and she’s 72, I was impressed ! So getting back on a bike isn’t always so easy. And  we sometimes make the wrong choice when purchasing a bike. l I purchased three bikes this last year and realized all I needed was the jenny-7-speed- Schwinn. I bought a cool beach cruiser and gave it away to my daughter. Then another beach cruiser and sold it at a garage sale. I love beach cruisers and everyone rides them at the California beaches but I needed speeds when I was on a long bike ride. I love the lunus bikes but they are out of my price range, and of course the new beg bicycles wow, beautiful . I made a  list below for bike must haves .

1.must have a removable basket, for everything .

2.must have  a bell, to ring on the busy bike trails.

3.must have a  least 5 speeds, I have 7 but 5 is good. 10 to 21  for lots of hills.

4.must have a comfortable seat, do I need to say more ?

5.must have a back rack, I put my camera bag here. must have canvas shoes, heels and bikes don’t mix.

I recommend the Hybrid – Schwinn – 21 speed – Aluminum. This is the replacement for the bike I have and I love it. It’s cool enough for the California beaches and light enough to put on my bike rack , and I like the retro styling.

The 700C Schwinn Solitaire Hybrid Bike is the perfect way to commute to work and see the city in style. Hit the trail on this hybrid bicycle that features an upright riding position with padded saddle for a comfortable ride. The SR Suntour suspension fork is designed to absorb every shock and keep you at ease. You can choose from 21 speeds and SRAM grip shifters and linear pull-brakes allow for easy gear changes and stops. The 700C women’s Schwinn bike features high-quality Aluminum City Frame .  $ 249 online at Target… cycle or…
Northwoods Ladies Springdale 21 Speed Hybrid Bicycle White


Hybrid – Kent – 21 speed – Aluminum

Northwoods Crosstown 21 speed Hybrid Bicycle is perfect for anyone looking for a dependable bicycle for commuting or recreational use. A hand crafted lightweight aluminum frame, 700c alloy rims, Shimano components and even a rear rack create an amazing value. Available in white (Womens) and black (Mens). Model # 92793 Features: Recreational/commuter bike with a comfortable, upright riding position 700c wheels and a lightweight aluminum frame 21 speeds with a Shimano Tourney rear derailleur Alloy rims; alloy quick release seat clamp; linear pull brakes Rear rack and fenders
I will have more posts on biking the California coast, and thanks for the emails. And have a great weekend !

Celebrate love …

It’s  Valentine week and I am feeling so very red…I pulled out my retro red polka dot dress, my white tennis and my white sunglasses and went for a ride…

Have you ever had a moment where you felt like you were back in time ? I felt so very 60’s today , a simple time with no cell phones. It’s sunny here in Southern California and I love the fact I can ride my bike today,  in early February.

And I found the perfect red and yellow awnings to have lunch under….

Yes I am a hopeless romantic , and I love Valentine’s day ….but not every day can be Valentine’s Day, but how much more romantic the world would be and how much happier we would feel if we remembered  to show the people we love that we are thinking of them. The simple gestures , to show affection, to be forgiving and  to listen, to be generous with compliments and to be passionate with each other,  everyday… to celebrate love…celebrate life…celebrate each other…

Have a happy day,

xoxo Cheryl.

from …Wikipedia:

‘Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14 by many people throughout the world. In the West, it is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine’s cards, presenting flowers, or offering confectionery. The holiday is named after two among the numerous Early Christian martyrs named Valentine. The day became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished

Review of 2011 by wordpress…

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people.  This blog was viewed about 16,000 times in 2011.  If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

In 2011, there were 132 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 281 posts. There were 1148 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 2gb. That’s about 3 pictures per day.

The busiest day of the year was June 21st with 307 views.

The most popular post that day was Venice Beach shopping…”The Bountiful”.

Thank-you wordpress, and a big  thank-you to all of you who have stopped by to visit my blog. I have had some request for more pictures of Costal Beach shopping and alfresco dinning at cafes.  I will be heading to the local beaches a lot in 2012, to post my latest finds so please join me and have a wonderful 2012 !                                                         

xoxo Cheryl

Naples Canals Long Beach…

Yes I love the canals of Venice Italy (Missing the canals of Venice Italy) and the canals of Venice Beach (Bohemian musing in Venice Beach) so when Marissa said their were canals here in Long Beach I told her “let’s go ”  we got back on our bikes after lunch and headed to Naples canals…    Naples is a neighborhood of  Long Beach, built on a series of islands located in Alamitos Bay. Naples consists of three separate islands, divided by canals which open into the bay. Most of the streets on the island have Italianate names. The center of Naples features a large fountain which serves as a popular meeting spot.


We ended up riding our bikes to the bay to see a  unforgettable scene of kite surfers everywhere…Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is an adventure  surface water sport  that has been described as combining wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding and gymnastics into one extreme sport. Kitesurfing harnesses the power of the wind to propel a rider across the water on a small  surfboard or a kiteboard (similar to a  wakeboard). The terms kiteboarding and kitesurfing are interchangeable. There are a number of different styles of kiteboarding, including freestyle (most common and utilises standard kite and board) or wake-style (flatter water using board with bindings) and wave-riding which is focused on big waves using a board designed for wave riding.

Summer is almost over and I have enjoyed every adventure…  it’s still hot here in southern California so there’s  still time for summer fun .  I will still head to the pool, to the beach and up the California Coast, ….why ? because we live in sunny California !

When’s the last time you rode a bike , just for fun  ?

From Wikipedia


It was a long girls weekend with Danielle’s bridal shower(post on ” The paper mystique”) in Thousand oaks and then down to Long Beach to spend the weekend with Marissa. A lot of driving but well worth it as we had a blast  at Long beach and Belmont shores. Belmont Shores spans 2nd Street and Ocean Avenue near the southernmost part of the city between Bluff Park on the west and Naples Island on the East. Second Street and the fifteen intersecting side streets make up the business district of Belmont Shore. The neighborhood features Spanish-style homes from the 1920s and 30’s as well as beach bungalows. We were out late Sat. night and got up late Sunday morning but just in time for some yoga on the beach…

The yoga on the beach is free with a  donation and I was surprised to see so many people. The  mantra for the day was

” All my relationships are encoded in love and infused with joy “

I must admit the scenery was amazing ! I loved yoga on the beach it was so much more relaxing, and the connection to the earth elements made it that much more refreshing !

Next we headed to 4th street which Marrisa said was a great place for Vintage boutiques.

Elans Collections, vintage furnishings, upholstery and accessories.

A lot of very cool retro cameras…I should buy one.

Ok I did the one that is missing from the shelf, should be cool for some photo shoots.

Looks like a cool shop…

wow  these  clothes are very cute.

I really liked the shoes on the bottem roll. About $150.00 to start.

Now this was one of my favoite stores  “Liberty”

The dressing rooms doors are old refrigerators doors how clever ! So very sixtys !

We ended the afternoon with some  Alfresco dinning at the Portfolio. Mango ice tea and grilled pannini.

Next post to Naples Island and then to the beach to watch kite surfing.

 Also Marissas photo shoot on the beach… post on my Simply Natural Photography blog.

Hope everyone has a simply wonderful week !

Crab Cooker in Newport Beach …

Backpack riding  to the Crab Cooker at Newport Beach (#5 in our ten things we want to do for the summer) is a great way to spend a weekend. We rode our bikes (Hunter and I ) 6 miles along the coast and stopped to get some clam chowder, sourdough bread and butter.

I put our lunch in my front basket and rode to the pier where we dine Alfresco at the water’s edge.

I would say this clam chowder is the best along the California coast…a great place for fish too !!

hope everyone has a great Sunday !

Ten things we want to do for SUMMER….

Yes I love SUMMER, and every year on the 1st day of summer we would write down the ten things we wanted to do for summer….and we would mark them off as we would do each thing. This year we wrote down what we wanted to do on our chalkboard so everyone could see. I thought I would post them also. Now our rule has always been these things has to be something that didn’t cost a lot of money but was fun for everyone !

1. Learn French (I bought a Car CD so everyone could learn as we drive)

2. Have a Beach Party, and camp fire..make smores. (so far we have one planned for Brandon)

3.Have a small town 4th of  July. (a small town in Chicago would be perfect ! And that’s exactly where we will be !)

4.Have a tennis tournament at night. (everyone plays)

5.Backpack bike ride at the beach. (at least 6 miles)

6. Photo shoot with all the kids at the beach…find the best ice cream place. (of course !)

7. Find the best fish taco place on the coast and dine Alfresco…in my convertible with the top down !

8. Stay fit and excercise even when we are on vacation.(wear exercise clothes,bring  water bottle and  Ipod) .

9.Go to an outdoor concert and dine alfresco.(lots to choose from !)

10.End the summer with a  “Family dinner “. (Maybe labor day!)

Hope everyone has a simply perfect SUMMER !

My January inspirations

I have had some emails asking  how do you change your thoughts. So I decided to  write down my ten inspirations for this magical year of 2011 .  I wrote my ten inspirations down on a pretty piece of paper and put it where I will see it everyday, just like a mantra, so hopefully I can inspire you too.




 make this the year you make just one dream come true…I know you can…

xoxo Cheryl

(photo by Darrill)

Dark October Oceanside Beach




 I ran away to the beach,  where the silence echos you’re no longer with me… through the darkness I will walk  the dark sea…I seek and do  not intend to find a calmer ocean, or a sun that will  never’s raise.





Even though I may be alone…. it’s okay….dark October ocean gives me peace.





Waves sweep me away in quiet desperation, wondering when we will meet again.




Only one beautiful black bird and me… do you believe in dreams…




as I look out into  the dark blue seas ,  I still see a small light …


Just listening to songs on my playlist and postings pics of Oceanside Beach where  I  went alone , while Darrills away on a long trip to Canada…

be safe dear !