Ageless living…

Getting off the time lines of the 3D reality starts with a knowing that we are infinite beings living an infinite life, The 3D reality is an illusion and we only have to realize this truth and in knowing this you can remove yourself from the time lines of aging. I began this process 12 years ago when I wanted to have another child late in life. At the age of 43 I already had 4  teenage  children and one 7-year-old. I met my soul mate and he wanted a child but I told him I was told by a doctor that It would be a one in a million chance for me to get pregnant.  I started my own belief system of not only stopping the ageing process, I began to turn my clock back to when I had my last child at the age 37. I started taking vitamins everyday and started drinking lots of water up to 8 glasses a day. I started doing Yoga 3 times a week. I also started sleeping 8 to 10 hours every night.  I created a mantra for myself and posted pictures of myself young and pregnant with my other children. My soul mate and I traveled the world for 3 years and I never got pregnant. He left for Chicago and we continue to see each other but we completely gave up the idea of us ever having a son.  I decided that I wasn’t going to ever get pregnant but liked the way I look and felt and continued my ageless  living. My soul mate moved in with me after a year of being apart and three-days later I was pregnant at the age of 48. Now I have a beautiful 7 year son and most people think I am 39 or 40. Today I am 55 and I am completely natural. I wanted to share this story with you because I want you to know anyone can stay ageless as long as they believe in their own reality . We are co-creators and we can created any reality we want. We are beautiful sacred females , infinite beings , loving mothers, sisters, and daughters. We need to take back our personal power and live our lives as powerful , wonder, amazing women that we are. I have created a mantra on ageless living and I want to share it with you beautiful sacred divine females. May you all take back your power now and create the reality you want. Anything is possible. I will post more on ageless living. I had my soul mate take these pictures of me this morning.  This is me up close  and personal. I never tell anyone my age because no one ever believes me. But I want to share this information with you now.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      bedroom pics of me 0269                                                                                    Mantra: I am a beautiful infinite being here on planet earth living a earthy life. I am perfect in my divine spirit, mind and  body. My earthy life has given me the opportunity to co-create my reality on a daily basis. I create beautiful , wonderful rays of light for myself and for mother earth. I love myself completely and love all living things. I walk in love and light and my body radiates a wonderful healing energy for all who come into my reality. I love all the beautiful children that come to this world because they have come to planet earth with special gifts and information to help us all save this beautiful planet and all its inhabitants. I have removed myself off the timelines of this 3D reality and stepped into the 5D infinite reality. As I do this I have stopped my aging now. My skin, hair and nails and every cell in my body is being renew and recreated as my young and beautiful self. I am complete and whole and love myself as the divine feminine goddess that I am. Today and always I nurture my inner child and all that is good, sacred and beautiful on planet earth and out to all the dimensions and back to source.                                                                                                             bedroom pics of me 0289                                                                                                                                                                                                              Peace, love and light Sacred Cheryl

The Eagle Women

A new birth cycle for me and I drew this card. The Eagle Women from the ” Goddess knowledge Cards “.Despite the fact that life-giving and death-wielding Bird Goddess is one of the oldest representations of the goddesses, eagles have usually been linked with the masculine , with a few exceptions. ( the sphinx of Egypt had the wings of an Eagle,and the Aztec goddess Cihuacoatl was also called Eagle Woman). This Eagle woman shows a new marriage of the feminine and the Eagle. She represents all an Eagle stands for , spirit, valor, majesty, renewal, accuracy of sight, spiritual aims.and the ability to soar to the heights. She also holds in her hand a vessel, the traditional symbol for the feminine that which receives, contains and nourishes. Here both sets of values are joined, emblematic of a different combination of strengths that are part of being women-born. Eagle Women is a joyful affirmation of our ability to break out of old stereotypes and find a new definition that embraces the entire continuing to contain and nurture as the Divine Feminine but soar as a Eagle . ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           50f1b8ea115425d44294fcb246bef887           I am looking forward to a magical new year to soar to new heights…Peace , Love and Light. Sacred Cheryl

Affirmations are a way of Magic…

  Affirmations are very powerful tools, so powerful  that they could seem to be magical. They are a way of Magic. When you perform affirmations, you are in effect sending out to the Universe a declaration or command. And although it may seem that only you are hearing the words, this is not so. These words go out to the Universe and also heard by your inner Universe.  This is the Law of Attraction.

Affirmations work on many different levels. An affirmation can affect your own and other people’s conscious and unconscious levels. If you affirm and it involves others, you are in a way communicating with another person’s higher self. This is when   results come quickly. The power of positive thinking and affirmations is only limited by your personal conviction and belief that the affirmations are working. If the affirmations are only done half-heartedly, those are the results that will be received. But if you believe completely in achieving the aspiration stated in the affirmation, then it is almost sure to be achieved. Visual affirmations work in pretty much the same way, so when you use both verbal and visual you are most certainly going to acquire your desire. Good health, a thin body, true love, prosperity, travel, a new job whatever it may be.

Practice believing whatever you are saying or visualizing for a few minutes, several times a day everyday. After a while, these affirmations will become the way your body, mind and spirit respond to the challenges of everyday life. If done regularly and with sincerity, you will soon be surprised by the changes you see starting to occur in your life. Once you intensely believe you can make positive changes in your life and accomplish your desires you must focus that intention, visualise the outcome, gather your strength, and send that vision outward to become your reality.

If you decide to make use of affirmations in your life, be prepared for change. Remember what they (my mom) always say, be careful what you ask for, because with affirmations it can manifest quickly. I will outline on future posts some powerful  affirmations. When I am in nature , my affirmations seem to take a hold of my life and materialize right before my eyes…. just like Magic !

Photos from my sanctuary, Venice canals.

Happy year ending…

It’s been a very busy holiday season. I couldn’t even find the time to post my Christmas eve dinner. It was a wonderful night all the kids came with all their friends and their friends family too. Christmas day we spent a few moments at the beach  doing what I love to do , taking some pictures of the beach, and enjoying the beautiful scenery. 2012 is a year I have been waiting for a long time. Just the anticipation of knowing the Mayan Calender will end as it has been told for so long, time to pave our own way now and create our own reality with our dreams. The year that dreams come true if you believe. Do you believe ?  2011 was a magical year, and I think 2012 will be mystical ….

 Happy year ending and Happy 2012 !

xoxo Cheryl 

The Queen Witch…my mom

So many people ask me why I love Halloween. Well, my mom’s birthday is Oct 30th and every year when I was young, my mom would make a grand celebration on Halloween, complete with a beautiful decorated table and extravagant foods and deserts. My mom is a wonderful cook. I still to this day call her to ask her for  some of her wonderful recipes.  I think maybe that’s why I became a kitchen designer.   I only wish I had half her talent.  Well this weekend we are off to the queen witches birthday party in Arizona. And she will be 70, and she doesn’t look a day over 35, well I guess all her  tonics and elixirs really work. My mother was always very fair and beautiful the white witch of the family (Tanya looks a lot like her ). But don’t let her beauty fool you, she always turned poor men into toads…but we always loved her food.

(Photo from pinerest )

My french coffee press post is next,  and I am happy to say my blog  stats has reached  20,000 ! Also bring out your white candles and send love to our earth .

Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend !

Stay fit …#8

Stay fit and exercise even when we are on vacation, #8 on ten things we want to do for the summer…Well I feel like I can say I am pretty fit. Yes I have changed my life style and the way I eat to make some pretty big changes in my  health. I am addicted to exercise. I feel so much better and I have so much more energy.  I would like to give you my tips that have helped me lose those last few pounds that are always so hard to lose. I still have more to lose but I am almost there !!

Tip #1. Clean out your closet and get rid of those things you will never wear again.

Tip #2. Love yourself and forgive yourself completely if you have not been able to lose any weight. Create a mantra for yourself and put it where you will see it every morning.

Tip#3. Buy some cute exercise clothes, now you don’t need to spend a lot of money, I bought some cute exercise clothes at Target, yes Target ! And get a backpack , and some great running shoes, you will find yourself jogging everywhere.

Tip#4. Get a friend to exercise with, you can bike , run, walk or go shopping at an outdoor mall and speed walk and talk ! The time goes by fast ! Take those extra classes at your gym, spin, power pump, yoga and met your friend there. Support each other and you both will feel great !

Tip#5. Get a large water bottle and carry it where-ever you go. EVERYWHERE !! You will save so much money not buying sodas ! And think about all those extra calories you’ll lose !

Tip#6. Eat a large breakfast, oatmeal or yogurt is my favorite, and have a salad for lunch, and eat a good dinner. Snack on nuts and  fruit and veggies all day long. Make a protein shake after you exercise and use almond milk and add a banana. Eat a small piece of dark chocolate and have a glass of red wine. I snack on natural popcorn or a fudge pop  .

Tip#7. Drink green tea all day everyday and have chamomile tea at night. Light a great smelling candle before you go to sleep and tell yourself thank-you.

Tip #8. When you are at the park with your kids take your Ipod and power walk, play , run, bike with your kids, they will love it !

Tip#9. Make a date night with your mate and wear something to show off the new you ! I love my arms now , and I love wearing sleeveless dresses !! Believe me you will feel great after just 2 weeks, and fantastic after 3 months…and I bet you lose all your weight after 6 months ! Take the weight off slowly and you will keep it off. Do it right the 1st time and you won’t find yourself gaining back the weight after a few weeks.

(photos by Hunter)

Enjoy your summer , and good luck !!

Take this day for yourself…

 In the words of Sheri my yoga instructor.. .”take this day for yourself, be kind to youreslf, give yourselve a big hug …enjoy the bliss of this day and spread it  to others and you will find so much more joy in your life, today and always”



(photo Pismo Beach ) 

Thanks Sheri for your words of inspiration, and for a simply wonderful class !

xoxo Cheryl 

When I travel…part 2

(Photo from classic female pics)

When I travel I wished I look like this(we can dream, right ?)  I love this picture the perfect scarf and sunglasses and a cool red convertible( I have a green convertible).  This is the perfect retro look for a coastal drive. I always try to wear a scarf ,or a hat,  it always makes  sense and looks so  retro chic . Maybe  something Natalie Wood would wear …

xoxo Cheryl