The Star of David & the 11 11 Portal

The Star of David also know as harmonic Concordance is the six pointed star associating the interconnection of Divine Masculine/Feminine in the sacred union of twin souls. The sacred vibration  number 11 11 and the merging shapes that form a hexagon. This is the opening portal to creation, and the Merkaba body which resides in the heart chakra. Once this gateway is open the connection brings back to the earth plane higher states of awareness in the twin flame as if it is an experience of heaven on earth. This also brings into the earth the violet flame of transmutation and the awaking of the twin flames service to mankind. With Violet Flame  you can consciously access powerful Fifth Dimensional frequencies that dissolve lifetimes of unresolved, unhealed energies with love and light. This is crucial to each of us as individuals and for humanity as a whole, especially at this specific time on our planet. The distillation of all experiences we’ve ever had in any lifetime or dimension is still in our individual and group energy field, both positive and negative. Until the dense negativity is transmuted into love and light, we, both as individuals and as a race, suffer from the resulting chaos and negativity that we’ve experienced for eons on this planet. The new higher vibration  on the earth plane will reconnect many twin flames at this time. I have constructed a mantra to help  bring your twin flame into your existence , or if you have already met your twin flame , a mantra to help guide your paths to the divine and to oneness. This can be a very difficult time as we seek to understand this very sacred and powerful relationship. ” So Powerful is the Light of Unity of the sacred union that it can an illuminate the whole Earth. ”    1163bde592d94771ca374d0040e48ab1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Mantra :  I evoke  the power of the violet flame of transmutation to bring into my realms of sacred life and sacred union to dissolve all negative karma that I or my twin flame has incurre here on this earth plane and on all levels of existence and through out all dimensions and lifetimes. I release the DNA structure of  all war, greed, slavery, hate, and fear that has existed on this earth for eons of time. I release our ego of all our previous lifetimes to be transmuted to the violet flame. With this new-found energy that we have brought forth in this sacred union we connect with our heart chakras and to our solar perplex to each other and to all of mankind and to all higher levels of conciseness . We give of ourselves unconditional to the service of mankind and to all that is sacred in this new reality on earth. We have contracted this agreement when we separated and now as we come together  we give  ourselves , our light body’s and our sacred connection of  oneness.  We walk in  love  and light and wisdom with  Archangel Michael  ,  the higher council of  light and the I am  presence that is all of life and re-creation and back to God source. Amen                                                                                                                                                                                                                      yellowbird 12299                                                                                                            As we hold on to old structures and concepts of separation which correlates directly to the extent of fear and stress that we may feel. As we open into an expanded awareness, uplifting our energies and continue to pour into the earth plane at an accelerating level. These new energies bring to the surface all that is within us of a lower vibration that needs to be healed, giving us the opportunity to see what we have  been holding on to that no longer serves us so that we can let it go once and for all. Because of this extreme negativity for healing, it may look like things are getting much worse on the planet and in our individual lives. However, this is not true. We are actually in the midst of a mass group awaking with our Creator.   Peace , Love and Light ….Sacred Cheryl                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            image 1: Via Wings of Grace ༺♥༻                                        image 2 ;  ✣ Bahaullah art; e11en vaman

Saddened by Whitney Houston news …

So sad to hear of Whitney Houston’s death at 48.  I grew up with her music and loved her movies. Her album “Whitney”  came out in the summer of 1987 and had  hits such as “I Wanna Dance with Somebody “, “Didn’t We Almost Have it All “, and ‘Where do Broken Hearts Go”. I listened to it during a hard time in my life , she lifted me up with her amazing voice and her heart felt energy. Her song from the movie “The Bodyguard ” (which I bought and watched often) ” I Will Always Love You ” was the all-time most heart felt female song of the decade . With her amazing music which came from her beautiful soul,  and her intense passion for the people she loved,  it’s indeed a sad day as she has been taken away from us here on planet earth, but there’s a new angel singing in heaven…

(photo from Google images )

 I send you my love…

xoxo Cheryl

The Queen Witch…my mom

So many people ask me why I love Halloween. Well, my mom’s birthday is Oct 30th and every year when I was young, my mom would make a grand celebration on Halloween, complete with a beautiful decorated table and extravagant foods and deserts. My mom is a wonderful cook. I still to this day call her to ask her for  some of her wonderful recipes.  I think maybe that’s why I became a kitchen designer.   I only wish I had half her talent.  Well this weekend we are off to the queen witches birthday party in Arizona. And she will be 70, and she doesn’t look a day over 35, well I guess all her  tonics and elixirs really work. My mother was always very fair and beautiful the white witch of the family (Tanya looks a lot like her ). But don’t let her beauty fool you, she always turned poor men into toads…but we always loved her food.

(Photo from pinerest )

My french coffee press post is next,  and I am happy to say my blog  stats has reached  20,000 ! Also bring out your white candles and send love to our earth .

Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend !

My January inspirations

I have had some emails asking  how do you change your thoughts. So I decided to  write down my ten inspirations for this magical year of 2011 .  I wrote my ten inspirations down on a pretty piece of paper and put it where I will see it everyday, just like a mantra, so hopefully I can inspire you too.




 make this the year you make just one dream come true…I know you can…

xoxo Cheryl

(photo by Darrill)

All is calm all is bright…


Welcome…from my home to yours this Christmas eve…





a simple Christmas with my Children, what could be better than that?



Antique ornaments (from the Pottery barn) hanging on the tree, and pictures of my family.



My wrapping is brown paper bags, with white paper ribbon.  I made my tags, with glue and pines and a little green bow . 




The table is set and I have a turkey in the oven, the kids should be here at 5pm for dinner.



 and they arrive looking so very nice.



some simple earthy touches by the bed , and  a baby picture of my mom.



Goodnight to all… and  to all sleep tight … , I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

xoxo Cheryl  

(I had some request for more Christmas pictures so I added a few more )

The Yuletide Wizard

The Yuletide wizard of the North recognize Christmas as a season steeped in magic and enchantment tradition and ritual. One of the most interesting of the Yuletide tradition is that which has come to be known as the Christmas tree. The lore of the Christmas tree finds its roots in the ancient observation that when other trees drop their leaves and seem to die…the evergreen runs with sap. This promise of a perpetuation of life, not to mention the glimmer of trapped magic, has long given pine, spruce and fir special significance in the web of nature. The evergreens appeals harkens back to ancient Egypt, Palestine and China, where its branches were twisted into wreaths as symbols of immortality. Scandinavians believed the branches offered protection against evil spirits, thus, barns and homes were adorned in evergreens during the shortest days of winter, a month called Jol. The word” yule” celebrates this custom.

Europeans eventually began to decorate the trees themself with nuts fruits and berries, natural symbols of spring, summer and harvest time. Later the trees were brought indoors and began to be adorned with Christian symbols such as wafers and candles, memorializing Jesus Christ as the light of the world. But no matter the belief or tradition, as long as the joy, goodwill and magic of the Christmas tree be found year-round in the enchantment of the evergreen.

The Legend of the Lore. Bags of good tidings is full of gifts , toys and other enchantments. It is tightly secured by a lock that takes a key the shape of a star. The rainbow. A tool used by a very specialized sect of elves that works closely with the flicker fairies to collect and distribute the colors of the rainbow to light beams in need.  Season Spheres. These orbs are the vessels of enchantments that are used to carry the sights, sounds and scents of the seasons. Thought to be the forerunners of tree ornaments. The Northern Lights is one of natures finest light shows, its mysterious energies help to fuel the deeds of the Yuletide Wizard.

All information and text from ” The Way of the Wizards “, by Tom Cross. A children book.

Hope everyone has a simply enchanting Christmas, I believe in MAGIC and the Yuletide Wizard.  

Today is one year of blogging.

Today is one year of blogging. Wow have I learn a lot in one year. I look at some of my post from a year ago and boy are they pitiful. I have change my header numerous times and I am still trying new ways to improve my blog. There are so many beautiful blogs out there and I have enjoyed so many of them. I am excited to reach a blog stat of 6,000.00 for one year I hear that’s pretty good. My views are about 50 to 100 everyday and thank-you all for visiting. WordPress has featured my blog for the California coast, and Al Fresco dinning, thank-you wordpress. So please if anyone has any comments on what you would like to see more of please let me know.

         and  Joyuex Noel from Simply Earth Blog !!

Some simple words…

                                       Summer is coming to an end, and my health has changed with  some  simple words…,I bring peace to every corner of my life. I love and accept myself exactly as I am. My good  health  comes from within. I move forward fearlessly  trusting that I am divinely guided in every step that I take. I am here to create harmonious relationships and beautiful photography,  thereby contributing to a more  peaceful planet. Simply breath and let it be. …I have lost 8 pounds,  and I love  riding my bike , I feel so much more fit and healthy .  Can a simple mantra really make that much of a different,  I would say, yes ! Affirmations  are a strong influence in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind does not know the different of positive affirmations or negative ones. For quite some time now I have been filling my head with negative thoughts, I have had five kids, there is no way I can get fit, I look fine with an extra 10 pounds , not realizing I was sabotaging myself and my health.  And my subconscious mind was doing exactly what I was programing it to do positive or negative, wow is it really that simple ? I would like to challenge you, and I am not sure who is reading this ( but if you are , then you are meant to read this ) to make a simple mantra for yourself, what ever it is you feel you need to change in your life. I had an email from a lady who said she was a writer, and she used my mantra but replaced beautiful photography with beautiful words . That’s fine if you can’t think of a mantra use mine and replace some of my  words to inspire you. Write it down on a piece of paper and put it where you will see it everyday and night, and repeat it all the time. Soon you will notice a big change in your life with some simple words. Please email me if you have any questions.  Hope everyone has a great weekend, and please…..




I think I will learn how to sail.