All around my studio…

What I love about my home studio is it is all white …


with little romantic touches everywhere.  The morning light here is absolutely perfect for all the maternity and romantic photo shoots I have been doing lately.





Hope everyone has a simply romantic day…
pS I am posting this post from my phone.:-)

Gardening….and Tea


I have been enjoying spending a little time every morning planting some plants and just relaxing outside. I have my morning cup of tea and say my morning affirmations. It’s a great way to start a day and now I look forward to my daily ritual which I call my morning cup of magic…

Hope you have a great day

xoxo Cheryl

Cappuccinos with Tanya…

How many cappuccino’s in ltaly did Tanya have ??

Oh my goodness this looks great ! I love Cappuccino’s in Itlay !


I will give you a hint this is number 2 !  Okay Tanya we give up how many Cappuccinos did you have ???

from Tanya….

“All together I think I had 30 cappuccinos on that trip! I LOVE my espresso! Thanks for sharing! I love you!”

When I travel…

I have had some questions on how I work when I travel.  Since I need room for all my camera equipment,  I do not bring my lap top. I make sure the hotel I stay at has internet access, I think most do now. And I use the in-house computer and log on and write my daily posts. I don’t upload my pictures untill I get home, so I can photo shop them and crop them and do my magic. I wish I could find a better solution to uploading my photos, but since I use such a large format, it’s hard to upload my photos on anything but my home laptop.  I know there are a lot of photographers now uploading on their Iphones and then downloading them onto their website or blog, but how do you photo shop them on such a tiny screen ???


This is a image of a  typical  mornings when I travel ,(San Francisco) but I must say it’s nice to have the coffee ready for you and to have those great croissants with butter and honey…yummy !

Hope everyone has a wonderful week !

The North shore


 I wake to the  sound of waves crushing upon the white sandy beach, as I look out from my balcony I remember…. ahhh I’m still here in the Islands. The restless sea calls to me….come swim and dive deep into my  beautiful teal waters. How can I resist ?  Day three and another simply beautiful morning in Hawaii.




Today was the day we were to drive to the north shores. A drive I heard was breath-taking. 





We stopped at this little quaint place on  the side of the road ,North Shores surf shop. And we rented some snorkel equipment. 




 ahhhh the north shores…..yes it was breath-taking….

My anticipation of these beautiful waters got the best of me, I couldn’t wait any longer, I ran to the beach and dived in not realizing the rocks were sharp as knives. She’s beautiful and dangerous , ofcourse it’s  the North shore seas…. where the waves come crashing down upon the rocks of  sharks cove.























Hope everyone has a ravenous week ! 

Simple morning pleasure by Dorothy Andries

My special morning simple pleasure is going to the pool across the
street for the early adult swim or taking an early morning walk
through our parks and just hearing the birds sing. That is the time
when I pray for everyone in the family and ask that you all be safe
and well. Next time you come, we must walk the labyrinth together over
at St. Gregory’s Church, which is just down the block from us.


 Thank you for your wonderful simple morning pleasures
email, I took this picture at  the front of the condo ,one  of the
beautiful North Chicago parks, and I too  loved walking in the mists
of all the old beautiful trees .

                                             Thanks again, Love Cheryl

Please keep sending me your simple morning pleasure so I can post them. Thank-you.

Simple morning pleasures


We had a long day yesterday at the beach so this morning I just want to sit and relax with my simply orange juice…



my hot coffee made in my French press, I love the way the coffee comes out in my French press  so rich, served  in my French letter coffee cup.



With a peach and my bagel with butter and organic honey.  Today is the summer solstice , the longest day of the year. There are many celebrations all over the world, my favorite is the gathering at Stonehenge, I was there in 2006, I thought I would share a picture of the sunrise at Stonehenge .





Hope everyone has a magical week.


Simple Morning pleasures Comment by Lois !

Ah…early morning in Winnipeg (southern Canada). So beautiful, drops of due glistening in the early morning sunshine. It clings to everything, the grass and all the flowers growing in my yard, peonies, bright fushia, the soft delicate pink and the all wonderful clean and beautiful white bloosoms. Some are in open in full bloom, some are still tightly clinging shut. I have a Bleeding Heart that was my mum’s from out at my parents place at the lake. The exquisite little pink hearts that cling to the branches dripping with due, bring my mum (&dad) to mind and always keep them close to my heart. Nature seems to have a way of doing that, beautiful yet simple. The tiny white flower clusters of Lily of the Valley fill the air this morning with the sweetest aroma that the light breeze is just blowing around my yard. The Canadian Anemone that grow wild in my yard are so pretty, stong and hearty but still have the delicate white blossoms that bloom all summer long. The Liatris with their long stem and purple flowers that blooms from July until Sept. I listen to the mummy birds singing as the feed their little ones that have just hatched in my lilac tree and also in a bird house near my back door. Everything is so vivid and alive. Morning is such a peaceful and georgeous time of day.



( So well said I had to post this comment for all to read , thank you  Lois, love always Cheryl)



(I was so inspired by Lois’s comment I posted the third give away French  post card, keep the beautiful comments coming !)

Simple morning pleasures



 Awe back to my quiet morning tea after a long  holiday weekend of gatherings …



  there is a bird’s nest in my rafters and I can hear the baby birds calling for  their mommy,

 the sound of bird song…the enchanting  magic of nature 



my beautiful pink  rose buds  blooming into  white roses ….



the first morning bloom of my white iris…



 folding all my cloth napkins nice and neat  from the night before….

what are some of your simple morning pleasures ?