January Inspiration

Happy New Year !

Please join me this year to see my monthly inspirations. At the end of the year I am going to publish a Calendar.

Thank-you,  Cheryl 

Celebrating the beauty of nature

Our (Darrill and I) Christmas tradition is to get up early after Christmas eve with my children and head up to Big Bear to go skiing. I love the beautiful scenic drive up to Big Bear. It only takes about 1 1/2 hours to get to snow summit from our home, but the roads were closed  from all the rain , so we had to go up the back way and it took about  2 1/2 hours.  Never the less it was still a beautiful drive, and well worth it !



   Simply beautiful white snow-covered mountains…



and beautiful flocked evergreen trees…



 We all try to recreate this winter wonderland in our homes for Christmas, but it’s never quite as beautiful as natures creation.



 Leo likes to ski, but  he loves  sitting down and playing  in the snow.



and he loves to  stick his finger in the snow and eat it.



He then  said he was hungry and wanted a snack bar…and then he wanted another one. A little Al fresco dinning. Then he wanted me to just sit there in the snow with him.



Darrill finally came and decided to take him to the bunny slope,   and I headed to the ski lifts, which were pretty empty. I love riding the ski lifts and just looking out at the beautiful snow covered moutains.  Just me and natures finest.



The snow was a beautiful cold blue power, perfect for skiing. The temperature was a warm but brisk 45 degrees.




I skied untill the sun went down, and the sunset was breathtaking.



 Santa was there,  so Leo wanted  to have our picture taken with him. 



I was able to talk Darrill into coming back here to spend our New Years eve  here skiing.

 I have a superstition that how you spend your New Years eve is how your year will be. So hopefully our New Year will be eventful and in celebration of the beauty of nature…  

Have  a wonderful New Year !


All is calm all is bright…


Welcome…from my home to yours this Christmas eve…





a simple Christmas with my Children, what could be better than that?



Antique ornaments (from the Pottery barn) hanging on the tree, and pictures of my family.



My wrapping is brown paper bags, with white paper ribbon.  I made my tags, with glue and pines and a little green bow . 




The table is set and I have a turkey in the oven, the kids should be here at 5pm for dinner.



 and they arrive looking so very nice.



some simple earthy touches by the bed , and  a baby picture of my mom.



Goodnight to all… and  to all sleep tight … , I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

xoxo Cheryl  

(I had some request for more Christmas pictures so I added a few more )

Today is one year of blogging.

Today is one year of blogging. Wow have I learn a lot in one year. I look at some of my post from a year ago and boy are they pitiful. I have change my header numerous times and I am still trying new ways to improve my blog. There are so many beautiful blogs out there and I have enjoyed so many of them. I am excited to reach a blog stat of 6,000.00 for one year I hear that’s pretty good. My views are about 50 to 100 everyday and thank-you all for visiting. WordPress has featured my blog for the California coast, and Al Fresco dinning, thank-you wordpress. So please if anyone has any comments on what you would like to see more of please let me know.

         and  Joyuex Noel from Simply Earth Blog !!

Simply enjoy… Christmas



I love the natural colors of the local wineries and I love to use these colors in my home.

I  keep my decorations simple and fresh. I have  two trees in pots so I have the  trees up all year. So when Christmas comes around I add my black and white family photos in silver frames, and a little sparkle with silver antique bulbs and crystal ornaments. I love the fresh colors of white, silver gold and apple green with just a touch of red.

My living room has an antique piano and I have added some white flowers and an angel, and a silver crown.

Just a touch of greenery, pinecones, and  gold and brown ornaments for my sconces in my living room .

My breakfast table is set with a snack for santa, a brownie cupcake, mints, and coffee to keep him awake all night long…

 I think Santa will like the red reindeer plates given to me by Darrill’s mom, and the letter C cup for Christmas.

The dinning room table is still a work in progress, so far I have  set the table with white linens , white plates and a couple of pinecones Brandon brought to me from the local mountains.

 I use my silver reindeer vase for all of  my winter holidays, and I have added  fresh greenery from Trader Joe’s.


 I have cut some white roses from my garden and put them into my silver sugar cup, and I use the little snowflake spoon Darrill’s Aunt  sent to me.

In my bathroom and master bedroom I have a tall gold tree and another angel..

My wrapping is creams and golds and silver, and plain brown postage paper with white paper ribbons.  I make my tags with white paper stock and pine cone needles.

My entry table has fresh greenery and small white candles.

 I shop Trader Joe’s for their great selection of French truffles, candy, and Holiday cookies.  Trader’s Joes Greenery is so reasonable , I can add fresh greenery for my home for about $30.00.

I have  a little present filled with French Truffles for each family member for our Christmas eve dinner.

A Simply Earthy Christmas…

Joyeux Noel !

Thank you




Leonardo had a very eventful Birthday, Disneyland with his best friend Nathan, a birthday tea with Sofia and Noah and a fireman party with his family and friends ! I would like to thanks Dora for the wonderful birthday cake,  and his little friends, Sofia, Noah, Robert and Nathan for coming to his party !  And of course his fireman brothers Justin, Brandon and Fernando (brother-in-law)…..lets see did I forget anyone….oh yes his wonderful sister Tanya, and his brother Hunter  !  Wow do we have a big family !

                 Thank-you from Darrill and I….and

 Thank-you for all of you who joined us on my blog, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend !

Angels of…Peace

After  Guadulupe Beach we drove to a little cemetary in Santa Maria which was very interesting. I took these pictures and decided to call them angels of peace….I photoshop each one to create an old world look .




I looked at each angel and  wrote a word that came to me… this angel reminded me of peace.



I thought I would post an angel this week ….please feel free to pass these pictures on.

I would like to send this angel of peace to my brother Joe Nunez who had a stroke yesterday and is still  recovering.  


Her Special place…..Guadalupe Beach




  She came from a very cold place where there was snow on the ground,  the midwest to a little know jewel in Santa Maria…. Guadalupe Beach.  She said she needed a special place for her to go to when she was depressed. Here she could dance into the wind and create her own langauge….  Guadalupe Beach is so beautiful and so serene,  the perfect spot to enjoy the cool winter here in California….and the birds fluttered around her writing  yes in the sky….

We had a great time visiting with Darrill’s mom at Guadalupe Beach, I hope she continues to come to her special place.     


A Colorful Journey…Solvang

There is something about getting into the car and going on a journey to taste, to explore and to discover… that is so very freeing….especially when you are heading up the California coast on highway 101. November is a wonderful time to head to wine country and buy some wines, spices, and last-minute holiday decoration. The landscape is simply breath-taking and a beautiful shade of  green from all the rain we have had lately.


This is Santa Barbara Ranch, an enchanting ranch just off hwy 101.  Santa Barbara Ranch lies just north of Goleta on the Goviota coast.

I asked Darrill to stop the car so I could take these pictures and explore….


 As I approached the horses they stopped for just one moment and  looked at me , then they continued grazing.

We continued up hwy 101 to  scenic hwy 154, this hwy takes you inland to the beautiful little Christmas town nestled in the  Santa Ynez Valley, Solvang.

We stopped at this very enchanting winery along the way to taste,..

   This Grainy wine was divine… and so was the little orange balls they had there .

Then we stopped at the mission Santa Ines to discover…

This Bell is a landmark for every mission . The 21 missions that comprise California’s Historic Mission Trail are all located on or near Highway 101, which roughly traces El Camino Real (The Royal Road) named in honor of the Spanish monarchy which financed the expeditions into California in the quest for empire. From San Diego to Los Angeles, the historic highway is now known as Interstate 5. From Santa Clara to San Francisco, the road is called State Highway 82. North of San Francisco, Highway 101 again picks up the trail to the mission at San Rafael. From there, State Highway 37 leads to the last mission at Sonoma.

Santa Ines, 19th mission
Named for a 13 year-old Roman martyr, St. Agnes, who refused to sacrifice to the pagan gods in 304 AD, Santa Ines was dedicated in 1804 by Father Estevan Tapis. Amazingly, it survived the numerous earthquakes. The museum contains a notable collection of vestments, church records and missals, and the church displays some of the original decorations on a wall behind the altar. A historic grape arbor shelters a walkway that transports the visitor back in time, emerging in the lovely gardens that appear today as they did nearly 200 years ago.



Leonardo decided to do some exploring himself, he climbed up this tree and waited there till I took his picture.

We had a simply enchanting day….next post ….. a little window shopping down Copenhagen street in Solvang, and to the coast.