Total solar eclipse, New Moon in Pisces & equinox March 20th.

The equinox is here on March 20th 2015 and a powerful portal is opening up with a total solar eclipse and new Moon in Pisces on the same day. A new beginning and ending of a way of life as Adam DeArman predicted in his upcoming gathering in Sedona Az, April 17-19th. This powerful portal will end on another powerful solar eclipse April 4th. This is the time to go within and offer a meditation and prayer for all that is and all that we be now and to create peace and harmony for our  new earth. Within  the Pisces energy we can  dream into our reality what we want to create to bring into our lives the knowing or all of life to end duality. Two solar Eclipses back to back this is a very powerful portal which will bring in very powerful changes to life as we know it. Both of these eclipses are a total which means a complete blocking of the Sun. The Eclipse on March 20th falls in the very last degree of Pisces which is the omega degree. Aries is the alpha  and Pisces is the Omega. This represents the complete beginning and end. As we look within our hearts we see ourselves in a new light. The light of truth as it penetrates each and every soul. At this most intense time you will feel strong and deep emotions. Humanity will awaken into a state of all-knowing if they choose. Beware of the illusion of fear, this will create more fear and darkness. Focus on the light. This eclipses is bringing light to your mission here on planet earth, what you may call your souls purpose. You can access higher dimensions of consciousness. This is the time to merge with your divine self. What a magnificent time  to be alive and aware.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       02a4fcc8de009dbd2524d32e1b8d8b76Peace and much love, Sacred Cheryl


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