New Moon Bath Ritual…

The new moon is in the sign of Aquarius and it is the 1st  super Moon of 2015  and it is at zero degrees. This energy brings new beginnings and you are the creator.  This  is a fresh start and today is the day to set your intentions for your new life on planet earth. The earth is going through a major transformation and with this comes a renewal for our choices in life. Set your intentions on a white piece of paper. Light a white candle or pink. ( Am using pink for love ). Add  the elements of running water. Add sea salt, Lavender and Rosemary. ( (Or use my Full Moon Bath Salts )Visualize your energy being renewed, Visualize everything you wrote on your paper as if is now in the present. Connect to your higher self,  and your Goddesses of your past. Be one with the new diamond light grid here on planet earth. Thank the universe for all that it has given you and for being able to co-create this beautiful new life. Enjoy your bath . Peace , love and light Cheryl

winter 2012 181

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