Halloween inspiration…

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What inspires me for Halloween this season is grays, blacks and shades of white. Lot’s of candles, white pumpkins, black creepy spiders and lots of cobwebs. What could be better than this great table setting.  I think Halloween should be 3 months long ! I will be posting my Witches kitchen soon.


And our annual Mystery Party !

So join us…and

eat, drink and be Witchy !

Photos from : http://www.pinterest.com/cherylm/b-e-w-i-t-c-h-i-n-g-m-o-n-t-h/


3 thoughts on “Halloween inspiration…

  1. Hey….great pictures !!   Was just thinking about you when I saw some Halloween stuff like in your pics.  Wondering/ hoping you were having a Mystery Party, ….since we missed it last year.. 😦 Hope that didnt bump us off the guest list.. we’ve always looked forward to it & to finally seeing you guys…   !?! (Especially our plans for the ranch weekend didnt work out..)

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