Shopping in Chicago …

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I have been away for a while,  but I am back in time for some summer fun. Just got back from Chicago and it stormed the entire time we were there. But I  had a great time shopping at Lincoln Square. The shops there in that part of town are truly unique.  The Merz apothecary shop had more herbs, and herbal remedies than I have  ever seen in one place. I walked out with some coconut oil, they say its great for your skin and hair . This shop was established in 1875.  Being the hat person I am I had to stop and get that cute beige hat with the black ribbon. A great buy and the perfect hat for the beach.  I always stop at Pot Bellys when I am in Chicago and have a wreck sandwich with an ice tea. This sandwich shop is so homely. This large sandwich chain started out as an antique store and the owners decided to make some sandwiches for the customers. Now it’s one of  Chicago’s largest sandwich shop ! Chicago was a great place to visit but  I am so glad to get back to sunny California !

Hope everyone is having a great summer !