Hats at Del Mar Race Track…

(Photo from my pinterest.love-hats )

I adore hats , I can wear hats all summer long. So on our 1st day  in San Diego  we decide to  go to the Del Mar race track . I pulled  out  my biggest brim hat that I could find.  Everyone wore hats here at the race track. The fact that it has been so very hot these last four weeks in California is one very good reason.

I have to admit the woman here were dressed to the nines, and everybody look great in their hats.  I wore my stripe dress  with my 1970’s big straw hat and my vintage lime green straw bag.

I love a simple black hat with a summer dress,  you can wear this anywhere and look chic.

A straw hat with a polka dot dress, classic .

A white hat with a pretty black dress, love the detail on the back of this dress.

A big straw hat with a fresh yellow dress and big sunglasses. Very cute !

My favorite outfits were these two girls in their classic black and white dress, hats and bags. I asked them if I could take their picture for my blog and they said of course. After all isn’t that why us girls come to the race track , to be noticed ? Well I guess so !

Hunter and I did have a lot of fun betting, even though we didn’t win . I would love to come back  here on the big  event  , opening day which is officially  hat day and a contest for the most fabulous hat !

Have a great weekend .

All photos by  Hunter and  myself .


3 thoughts on “Hats at Del Mar Race Track…

  1. Black and white at the racetrack. Fabulous! Just like Ascot in England. To see a parody of the Ascot races, rent the musical “My Fair Lady” with Audrey Hepburn. There is a famous Ascot scene.
    Loved your pictures, the girls in black and white are terrificl.
    I will pack a white hat in my bag for my weekend in California. I am doing white linen, medium blue top and navy blue sweater, in case we go to the ocean. Not quite as sharp as black and white, but at least it is coordinated.

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