A Glorious Summer Part 2…

When the sun was setting is when we had a lot of fun taking some family photos. Leo is in mid-air in this 1st family photo. I love to shoot family photos at this beach especially at this time of day , the colors are amazing! The white sand,  the dark blue waters , the pink sunset is why this is one of the Top 10  beaches in America. I would like to come back here every year with a photographer so we could all get in the same  picture.

Next post our  bike adventure.

Have a great week !


7 thoughts on “A Glorious Summer Part 2…

  1. Hey Cheryl, It did looks like you had an awesome glorious time at the Hotel Del….it really is a beautiful place & a beautiful beach … !the time of day you take those pictures and the subject of your handsome husband and beautiful boy, only add to the beauty of the time you must have experienced there . we spent the day and had brunch , but never the night so it’s time .. I love all the history ,and the architecture …I believe I was in a previous life in that victorian time. we were also there at christmas time . the place is absolutely amazing with all of the twinkling lights ,and victorian decorations OMG…. ! thanks for sharing… always enjoy seeing your photos and living vicariously through you … hope you’re having a great weekend … Xox ….. Babylonia 🙂

  2. I know the Hotel has a very haunting , and come back to me and stay forever energy about it. Maybe it’s that poor woman who stayed there and died waiting for her true love to come back to her, but ofcourse he never did. I would love to stay the night there and ponder the thought of living back in the glorious victorian era, when the Hotel was still new. I bet the women were all dressed in beautiful gowns, and the men in their dashing hats. What a sight it must have been ! Thanks for your thoughts. xoxo Cheryl

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