Hats at Del Mar Race Track…

(Photo from my pinterest.love-hats )

I adore hats , I can wear hats all summer long. So on our 1st day  in San Diego  we decide to  go to the Del Mar race track . I pulled  out  my biggest brim hat that I could find.  Everyone wore hats here at the race track. The fact that it has been so very hot these last four weeks in California is one very good reason.

I have to admit the woman here were dressed to the nines, and everybody look great in their hats.  I wore my stripe dress  with my 1970’s big straw hat and my vintage lime green straw bag.

I love a simple black hat with a summer dress,  you can wear this anywhere and look chic.

A straw hat with a polka dot dress, classic .

A white hat with a pretty black dress, love the detail on the back of this dress.

A big straw hat with a fresh yellow dress and big sunglasses. Very cute !

My favorite outfits were these two girls in their classic black and white dress, hats and bags. I asked them if I could take their picture for my blog and they said of course. After all isn’t that why us girls come to the race track , to be noticed ? Well I guess so !

Hunter and I did have a lot of fun betting, even though we didn’t win . I would love to come back  here on the big  event  , opening day which is officially  hat day and a contest for the most fabulous hat !

Have a great weekend .

All photos by  Hunter and  myself .

A Glorious Summer Part 2…

When the sun was setting is when we had a lot of fun taking some family photos. Leo is in mid-air in this 1st family photo. I love to shoot family photos at this beach especially at this time of day , the colors are amazing! The white sand,  the dark blue waters , the pink sunset is why this is one of the Top 10  beaches in America. I would like to come back here every year with a photographer so we could all get in the same  picture.

Next post our  bike adventure.

Have a great week !

A Glorious Summer…

A glorious summer in sunny California, it doesn’t get better than San Diegos Hotel Del Coronado. We stayed in San Diego for about a week and bike everywhere but the highlight of our trip was this glorious place. The sun was setting and the weather was warm with a beautiful pink sunset. We had dinner at the Boat House and the food was amazing. Darrill said this was one of the top ten beaches in the world. I can see why.

Have a great weekend !

Sailing the San Diego Bay

Ever wonder how a sailboat can actually sail at an angle into the wind? Because of the shape of the sails, the boat is actually pulled windward, not, as most people think, simply pushed along by the wind. It was fun to learn the science of how sails work and all the terms.The first step in learning how to sail a small sailboat is to learn about the different parts of the boat and its rigging. Lamar is an expert sailor so he taught us a lot in these few hours and Hunter and Darrill worked the second sail while Leo chartered our course. I learned how to steer the sailboat, and was amazed how powerful the wind took the sails. We sailed untill the sun went down.

Next post biking the San Diego bay, have a wonderful week !