A Cottage by the Lake

A cottage by the lake in Big Bear, California. What a perfect place to relax and enjoy the cool air, beautiful trees and everything right within walking distance. The beach is where we usually go but this time we decided to get a cottage by the lake. We got up early every morning and hiked down to the lake , and then we rented paddle boats and boy did we get our exercise trying to get from point A to point B which was impossible, with a four-year old steering. Next we tried to kayak, finally we rented a beautiful motor boat and had a wonderful dinner on board.  Darrill and Leo played minture golf while I had lunch at a Tea house. At night we walked out under the stars and told storys in the woods. A magical place.

I would like to come back next year and bring our bikes , There is going to be a  bike race called “Tour_de_Big_Bear. “, August 4th at the Village 7am to 4pm. Cycling enthusiasts will enjoy some of the same roads as Stage #6 of the 2010 and 2012  amgen-tour-of-california.  Whether you select the 25, 50, 70 or new 100 mile stages, you will be treated to some of the most spectacular cycling scenery in Southern California.

Next post beautiful  San Diego, Have a great weekend !

 Last summer it was newport-beach-cottage.


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