Santa Barbara weekend

We have been on three weekend jaunts these last three weeks, Santa Barbara, San Diego and Big Bear, and I am now just posting Santa Barbara. I have bags in the hallway still packed with our clothes. I am becoming  one of those photographers who shoots so many photos I forget that I have all these beautiful places to post. I thought maybe I would use fewer words and just post my pictures, after all a picture is worth a thousand words, right ? Here I will start with Santa Barbara…I love this beach town, I would love to spend our entire summer here, it’s always so cool and the food on the wharf is the best fish on the California coast. We had lunch at Longborads Grill then headed to the Carousel. We rented bikes this time but brought Leos.


4 thoughts on “Santa Barbara weekend

  1. Your blog is so refreshing! I love the plants you have on your banner- photo, we have them here on our balcony in Portugal. You have a very positve and beautiful vibe to your blog! Lots of love from Anne

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