Temecula Berry Company

Summer is a wonderful time to go to Temecula Berry Company and grab a bucket and pick some blueberries. Darrill loves blueberries and so does Leo, so when Darrill said he wanted to go and have Leo pick berries I grabbed my camera hoping to get a few good shots. The red barn against the blue sky and the green fields were absolutely beautiful. This farm started out as a family farm in the late 1990’s and since then the family has planted over 10 acres of southern highbush here in the Temecula Valley.

Temecula Berry Company is located on the east side of Temecula towards the Wine Country. The season starts in mid May and ends in early July. So this might be the last weekend to visit the farm.  Information here for temeculaberryco.com.

A great place for some family summer fun.

Have a wonderful weekend, xoxo Cheryl .


5 thoughts on “Temecula Berry Company

  1. Wow Leo is so big now…The berries do look very good also where did you go to pick the berries ? what is the address of the place you went to ? What other pictures are you planning to take ?

    • I linked the website to this post, and you will find the address there. Yes we just got from Santa Barbara and I will post the pics this week, thanks ! XOXO

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