Happy Summer Solstice…

The sun today will arrive at its northernmost point in the sky and usher in a season change on Earth, with summer beginning in the Northern Hemisphere. Thousands of people swarmed over at the ancient megalith of Stonehenge  to celebrate the dawn of the summer solstice — the longest day of the year.

I was at Stonehenge in 2006, a wonderful place for a summer celebration !

Have a wonderful day, xoxo


3 thoughts on “Happy Summer Solstice…

  1. Beautiful picture. What a day to be there. I am enjoying today and the long hours of sunlight.
    I send love and greetings to you, your handsome sweetheart and your precious Leonardo

  2. Where did you take that picture ? Summer is the best time of the year I just wish work can be like school and everyone has a two month vacation every summer.

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