Vintage Minolta 7000

II am the proud owner of a vintage Minolta 7000 – works awesome – comes with great leather bag and lens. I have never bidden on ebay before and I was surprised that I was the highest bidder. I am looking forward to shooting in film. I hope it has a owners manual because I have no idea how to use it. I have a busy week planning Tanya’s baby shower which will be this Sunday. Time is flying by and I can’t seem to catch up with all my photo posts. We had a wonderful father’s day in Balboa park, San Diego and Leo took some great photos ! I think we have a future photographer in the family !
Have a wonderful week ,
xoxo Cheryl

5 thoughts on “Vintage Minolta 7000

    • I havn’t done a photo shoot yet on this camera, but I am looking forward to shooting one. I am just now learning how to use this camera so I guess It will take some time before I can even shoot a good picture, LOL It’s so dam hard but the film pictures are different and so beautiful. Thanks for your comment.

    • I am selling this camera it is a wonderful film camera but I take so many pics I need my canon, email me if you would like to purchase it , and I send you a pick of it, xoxo Cheryl

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