Dinning Alfresco…

Dinning Alfresco and Darrill grilled the top sirloin steak  and salmon. I made the summer pasta salad with lemon pepper seasoning. Sides are grilled veggies , fresh avocado with chili pepper and cilantro and lemons. White wine and water with lemon. Desert fresh strawberry shortcake.

 Feels like summer !

Have a wonderful week .

Happy Summer Solstice…

The sun today will arrive at its northernmost point in the sky and usher in a season change on Earth, with summer beginning in the Northern Hemisphere. Thousands of people swarmed over at the ancient megalith of Stonehenge  to celebrate the dawn of the summer solstice — the longest day of the year.

I was at Stonehenge in 2006, a wonderful place for a summer celebration !

Have a wonderful day, xoxo

Vintage Minolta 7000

II am the proud owner of a vintage Minolta 7000 – works awesome – comes with great leather bag and lens. I have never bidden on ebay before and I was surprised that I was the highest bidder. I am looking forward to shooting in film. I hope it has a owners manual because I have no idea how to use it. I have a busy week planning Tanya’s baby shower which will be this Sunday. Time is flying by and I can’t seem to catch up with all my photo posts. We had a wonderful father’s day in Balboa park, San Diego and Leo took some great photos ! I think we have a future photographer in the family !
Have a wonderful week ,
xoxo Cheryl