Packing for Arizona…

Leonardo and I are packing for Arizona to visit my mom and to take a drive to Sedona. Sedona is a photographers paradise, everywhere you look is simply gorgeous, even the red dirt is beautiful. I picked up a Coopix S30 at Target, but I was unhappy with the quality of the pictures. I think a Coopix is a great camera for outdoor summer fun because it’s waterproof. But I want a better photo. So I am traveling with my good Canon 60D .  As a blogger and photographer I realized how important it is to have a good pocket camera and a good DSL. My Canon 60D is a great camera for photo shoots and for my tripod but I need a small one to have with me everywhere I go. I notice on some blogs people are posting pictures from their cameras but the quality is just not very good. I couldn’t even Photoshop the photos from Darrills camera. Well enough about cameras I could go on and on …I will be posting my travels to Sedona so please join me.

(Photo Cheryl Canon60D, Sedona Earth Healing)

There is a Solar eclipse this Sunday 20th, at 12.00 am . Around the world in four directions and in all countries there will be a group meditation. So if you feel the need join in where-ever you are and say a little prayer for peace and for the new energy that’s here in 2012 , join us here on

Have a wonderful week

xoxo Cheryl

One thought on “Packing for Arizona…

  1. Did we just have an solar eclipse, and is it normal that we are having so many eclipses ? How is Arizona is that a good place to go on vacation to ?

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