The Historic Haunted Queen Mary…

 It was a rainy weekend on the historic haunted Queen Mary……do I think the Queen Mary is haunted ? Why yes.





Walking around the docks at night was very cold, but we enjoyed the cool brisk air…I gave my canon 40D to  Hunter and he took most of these photos. Darrill booked us a suite so it was a very nice room, but the boat was cold and drafty and it seem like I couldn’t warm up… The details on this boat were amazing and to think it was built in 1936. The Queen Mary was considered the grandest ship ever built and the elite of high society and I could see why. Leo wanted to know when the ship was going to take off to sea ,  he didn’t understand why it wasn’t going to leave port.

Next post part 2 ..

6 thoughts on “The Historic Haunted Queen Mary…

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    As for the Queen Mary.. she is an incredibly beautiful ship w so many architechtural details from that era .. I hope you have some pics of the suite because I have only seen the interior of a small statetoom.. can’t wait to hear why it us considered ‘haunted’ & see if you got any pics w orbs in them.. supposedly that is how ghosts & admonitions photograph.

  2. It seems as if Hunter has inherited your skills in Photography. I especially liked the photo of you walking on the deck.

  3. The queen Marry do you feel the spirits while your walking through the ship or do you think its just a way to get people to go and look around ?

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