The Magic of Nature…

The magic of nature is everywhere. The most meaningful meditation , dreams and experiences come through entering a magical relationship with nature.  I have traveled the world and photographed sacred sites  like Stonehenge, Mayan temples, The Tor, The Great Pyramids, and all the great temples along the Nile. But you don’t have to travel to these sacred sites to understand the magic of power spots. Some of the most magical places are right here in our home towns. A fountain, a spring, a park, a beach or lake, an old town, a big old tree, a historical building, a flagpole, an outdoor amphitheater. Anyone of these places make an excellent background for a photo shoot .

 In seeking out these sites you’ll come to find that these places can inspire you and give you a sence of sanctuary, a place that can recharge you. You don’t need a special reason to seek out a power spot, sometimes it’s great just being there.  Maybe in return you can give thanks to mother earth and by doing this you have created a positive energy flow between you and nature…

A touch with nature is a touch with magic..

 xoxo Cheryl

5 thoughts on “The Magic of Nature…

  1. I believe that I went with them to that tree in February. It is a California live oak, planted hundreds of years ago and it was 10 to 15 degrees cooler under its vast branches.
    I was particularly touched because it is the same species as the tree Darrrill planted in honor of DJ on One Tree Hill.

    Maybe a century from now, DJ’s tree will be that tall and have branches that nearly reach the ground, branches that provide cool shade for those who take shelter there.
    I look forward to your pictures.

  2. Beautiful photos, beautiful words. I also love filming nature scenes, but I use video. I found meditating upon nature to be profoundly therapeutic and enables one to feel the prescence of God. I’ve also traveled quite a bit and videotaped some beautiful scenery to share with others who might enjoy it. If you’d like to see some of my scenic relaxation videos, visit Peace.

  3. It always feels like a mini vacation when I spend a day in nature away from home. Nature always has a way of making me feel more relaxed

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