Full moon in Virgo…

The Full moon is in the sacred sign of Virgo tonight , light a pink candle and make a wish for simple and pure energy to come your way…after all believe  someone is always watching…

have an enchanting night

xoxo Cheryl


5 thoughts on “Full moon in Virgo…

  1. Hi Cheryl,
    Wow… I checked on the status of this months Full Moon as I do every month..& did not see anything about it being in Virgo….?!
    I love the Full Moon ..! & last night I went out to just see it & feel it 4-5 times.. like I was being drawn to it more than usual.. Maybe because I am a Virgo..? I just sit where I can bask in its glow & get ‘beamed up’ .. it is energizing, but at the same time calming, & always a little bit magical , like I can see into the heavens all around it… Anyway I wish I had seen your post about lighting the candle.. I might do it tonight, tho it won’t be the same I suppose..Hope all is well! 🙂

  2. Thanks barb for the wonderful comment. I posted this on Thursday 8th, and the full moon is tonight yes in the sacred sign of Virgo, so light your candle tonight and enjoy the beautiful energy of your sign !

  3. On the evening of March 10, DJ’s birthday, both Jupiter and Venus were brilliant in the western sky, and Mars, also shining brightly, was in the east.

    I have looked for them every night since, but it has been so cloudy that they are not visible.

    What is best about the moon is that we can all see it, no matter where we are. The thought of that is a consolation to me, especially when some of my loved ones are far from me — living in California!

    • Yes that was a magical full moon the stars were beautiful…lots of changes going on and its wonderful we can all be a part of it, thanks for the comemts, xoxo

  4. Cheryl

    sometimes when I have things that I need to meditate on I tend to do that more when its a full moon because I feel like I can clear my mind a lot more

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