Lavender the gift of love…

Lavender is the gift of love…why not give herbs instead of flowers , a beautiful scented soap, or some wonderful lavender lotions . I spent the day here at the Temecula  lavender Company in Old town Temecula buying some gifts for some friends and myself.

They harvest their lavender locally and make everything for the store here. I love these handmade lavender soaps.

The smell of lavender is so calming , true lavender is related to the mint Lamiaceae family. Also Know as English lavender though not native to England.

It is a flowering plant native to the western Mediterranean region. True lavender includes Spanish lavender, Spike lavender, but Lavandins include Sweet lavender from Provence. And why not try lavender for cooking. A wonderful place to shop and I found their prices very reasonable.

You can visit there website here. temeculalavenderco.

Tonight after dinner am going to soak in these wonderful oils, soaps and lotions.


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