Winter biking…with Hunter

It was cold and rainy this last weekend, but Hunter and I went out to  bike away…and to take a few pictures with my pocket canon.

The wind was blowing the leaves around and created a beautiful  background…

I like this park for photos and it’s right by the house….funny I have never done a photo shoot here. I love the natural stone wall, the rolling hills and the maple trees.

And I love this Felt  bike I bought from my cousin… it was just sitting in his garage.

I love the leather saddle bags on the  back side…

and the military details …

I Photoshop these photos to give them a retro  look.  For anyone who  loves the military style, male or female this bike would make a great photo shoot.  Hunter thank-you for going on an adventure with me even if it was just to the park, and your photos are getting pretty darn good !

Hope everyone has a wonderful week…

xoxo Cheryl

One thought on “Winter biking…with Hunter

  1. Wow your son is veryy good looking and I love the way the bike looks with the leaves falling it kinda gives it a autumn look but also winter keep up on the good pictures I love your blog

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