Christmas Tea Time….

The table is set and it’s Christmas tea time…

Al fresco tea table setting and…

A Whimsical Christmas Tea table by Cheryl  …

Every tea cup has a tag with the guest name…

A snowflake cupcake by Dora…

and she made these beautiful little Christmas jewels cupcakes that were so divine.

The girls loved my big stock pot of Sassafras herbal tea with cloves.

Barbara demonstrated wonderful recipes from The Pampered Chef…you can find her website here

and Brianna lovely Frills were such the hit, I had to buy theses beautiful tiles for my Christmas table.

We handled out some beautiful tea gifts from Maria’s Antiques while the women ate Dora’s wonderful cupcakes .

A special thanks to Dora, Barbara and  Brianna for making this a relaxing and magical Christmas tea event…hope to see everyone next year.

Next post my wine Christmas table, and how to have a kitchen tea.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Tea Time….

  1. Chery,
    So nice to see the pictures of the Whimsical Christmas Tea..! It was beautiful way to kick off the Season!! I was glad to see some of your friends I have met before &
    to meet some new ones too!! Everything was really delightful & enjoyable, & even educational! We all left having learned ‘something’ that we can use for the holidays!
    It was fun sharing the Pampered Chef product benefits, & showing how they can help make the time spent cooking & entertaining so much ‘Easier & Fun!…& WOW!!
    were those the Micro-Potato Chips a ‘hit’.MM-MMM!! I think everyone may have liked them better than the ‘Spinach & Olive Tapenade’, which I know they ‘loved’ too!!
    Followed by Doras beautifully decorated, cream cheese frosting Cupcakes, the Mini Chocolate Truffles & your Sassafrass Kitchen Tea, I think our tastebuds were treated to more ‘deliciousness’ than they’ve probably had in a quite a while!!!
    Thank you for the invite to be a guest / participant..! I heard you say it will be an annual event, so I will look forward to it again next year, most definitely!!!
    PS….Anyone may order any Pampered Chef items from the online catalog, with delivery in time for Christmas!! Just go to my website below, click shop online & put Cheryl or SacredCheryl in the host / organization box.. Also, I will have the Micro-Chip info, & the Tapenade recipe on my PC newsletter, which I will be happy to send to anyone that might be interested in making it for their ‘Holiday Party Appetizer..!’ They just click ‘contact me’ & leave their e-mail / info so I know where to send it! (*;*)

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