Today is the 1st day of our new earth…

(Photo from photobucket)

Things on our Simply beautiful earth are changing rapidly. Today is 11-11-11 a day I have spent my life as an astrologer and world traveler wondering what might transpire. A portal into a new world where we are the creators. Every single person on this earth is a creator, and what you are thinking at this moment has been sent out to the universe to be created. Good or bad, right or wrong (is there really a right or wrong ?) What we might be fearing or wishing….what we have visualized NOW AND IN THE FUTURE EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE YOU ARE CREATING YOUR WORLD. Shouldn’t we as co-creators start creating a peaceful , beautiful earth. For ourselves and for our children. All the billions of dollars spent on fighting wars should have  been spent on survival, for ourselves and for our earth. It’s time to take a new step forward into our new lives and be completely responsible for what we do, what we think, what we create. Take a moment on this day and walk into nature and reconnect to ourselves and to our simply beautiful earth. I hope I can inspire just one of you, and you inspire one more, and more….

have a great day

xoxo Cheryl

Please pass this on, thank-you


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