Feels like a fall day…

It was a long weekend and I am still recuperating from our Mystery dinner. When I woke up  it was the perfect fall day , just a little rainy with white puffy clouds in a gray blue sky.  I went to my favorite cafe to have an ice tea  and a  croissant sandwich … to just  relax and enjoy the cool crisp October day…

I picked up this book on Coffee….decovering exploring  and enjoying. I was thinking I would create some coffee gift baskets this year , complete with fresh ground coffee a french press and some baked goods . Who wouldn’t love that ? I have been on a French press buying spree lately and found a few at the local thrift stores. Seem a lot of people don’t know how to use them so they throw them out. I am one such person guilty of such a crime, as I was given one as a present and I thought what is this for and  I gave it away. Oh well live and learn.

I really enjoyed looking at all the beautiful photographs of cups of coffee and reading about the fact that a French  press  is the prefered method of rich robust coffee . And of course I knew that ! After all  I have about four of them now,  as I like to use one for decaf and one for regular and one for espresso, and my guests are always so impressed !

With all theses beautiful photos of coffee, I had to run into the cafe and have a  warm cup of coffee for  myself…

   Whats your favorite season ? Do you own a French press ? I think my next post will be on how to make a great cup of coffee from a  french press.

Hope your  enjoying  this beautiful fall season..

xoxo Cheryl


2 thoughts on “Feels like a fall day…

  1. After reading “Feels like a fall day” I went upstairs and brewed myself a fresh pot of coffee. Please do send a post on how to make a great cup of coffee from a french press. Someone very special — you know who! — gave me one, but I am still in doubt as to how to do it properly. I away your next blog.
    Please but don’t think you have to do it too soon, however..
    Just enjoy the beautiful fall day. It is lovely here too.

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    Finally had a chance to take a look at the Creepy Chic Mystery Dinner Pics..Wow!!!
    They turned out great..! Missed all of the original gang (their Loss), but enjoyed meeting the new guests! Thanks for voting the ‘Dead Ghost Pirates’ as the Best ‘Creepy Chic’.Not as chic as some of the other costumes but definitely ‘creepier’
    Dinner was delightfully delicious! (loved the homegrown rosemary on the pork!)
    The mystery clues were very creative & clever! (Even without the observatory!)

    Thanks again for a FUN & Memorable time..!So happy to be part of the 4th of 4!!

    Glad you liked ‘another’ of my fruit creations!!! Paul & Barbara…”RRRRR…Booo”!!!

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