Count down to our Mystery Dinner…

Count down to our Creepy Chic mystery dinner and I am going to post all my  tricks and treats this week as our dinner is this weekend.  The dinning room is decorated with just the right lighting…and some mice and black crows have decided to join us.

 I have bought lots and lots of white candles to keep the evil spirits away.

The clues have been written and sealed with red wax…

and I have found that perfect creepy chic dress….and a very large pointy hat.

Darrill even built a graveyard in the front yard….

should be spooky …join me if your dare !

(all photos from pinerest)



2 thoughts on “Count down to our Mystery Dinner…

  1. I wonder if Darrill remembers the graveyard we had for a Halloween party ages ago at the house where we still live.

    We had tombstones with made-up fractured Latin names particular to each couple. The Lydens, who lived all over the world, were Civitas Mundi; Mary Roemer, who is 100 percent Irish, had Regina Hibernia. I can’t remember all the others but it was tons of fun.

    Have fun!

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