Haunted Hollywood like a local

A weekend with  Kim in W. hollywood , I always feel like a local when we go out together in her town . This evening we dined alfresco on her patio  then headed to the silent movie house to see a 60’s french movie. I heard this place was haunted and the whole experience sounded  groovy…..

everything you see here is from Fresh and Easy, we both love to shop there and their pizzas are so fresh !

On to the movie house…611 N. Fairfax Avenue, L.A. We found this information on top 10 haunted placed in Hollywood.

One of the most gruesome histories of any movie theater, the Silent Movie Theatre has forever cemented its status in haunted Hollywood. Legends include ghosts in the projection rooms, blood-splattered carpet from machine-gun murders and a constant haunting by two former owners. Talk about scary movies….

Kim’s phone rang and I jumped…I had a very uneasy feeling and I could feel the ghosts here, Kim just laughed at me and said I was crazy.

How creepy were these  pictures of the silent movie stars who headline here, a lot of them had short careers.

I love this old movie house it was cool and creepy. It was very causal and I felt like I was at some friends house relaxing on sofas and having desert and coffee. The movie was well different and I enjoyed the whole evening. Information below from theatres/SilentMovie.

Silent Movie began in with personal film collection of Mr. John Hampton, who
opened the small theatre 1942, when silent movies had already been passed for 15
years. He hoped the forgotten comedies would bring a smile to those suffering in
the depths of the Great Depression.

struck the Silent Movie Showcase on January 17, 1997, when the owner of the
theater, Laurence Austin, was shot and killed during an apparent robbery
attempt. Police later arrested his longtime business partner for hiring the
gunman to kill Austin, so that he could gain the inheritance.

In June
announced that he was
selling the theatre to new owners: two young brothers, Sammy & Dan Harkham
(age 26 & 24) and Hadrian beloved. They have turned the small theatre into a
revival house, featuring an eclectic mix of relatively recent movies with
sound. However, they do still show silent movies (with live music) once a week.
However, unlike Lustman, who tended to stick with the classics (like Charlie
Chaplin), the Harkham’s hope to show lesser-known silent films. 

A great place to go to for the month of October….but only if you believe in ghosts !


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