Simply earth blog style change …

Yes, I have simplified  the style of my blog….as  I wanted to reduce clutter and  add more  of my California lifestyle  …


and sometimes change is good !

and I reduced the clutter in my bag too. I have only my keys, my wafer sunglasses and sunglasses wipe cloth, my phone, my compact blush, my lip gloss , my wallet and a pocket  camera the one I am using to take this picture !

 Have a great week  and whats in your bag Sarah from abeachcottage ?


4 thoughts on “Simply earth blog style change …

  1. Your blog is lovely! I love the photos in your header.
    I love your wallet! I am impressed that you manage to keep a large purse relatively clutter-free – I always stuff so much in mine!

  2. Love the new look and change for your blog. You know I’m still a fan and will continue to check in every once and while. Lots of Love Perla

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