Go to an outdoor concert… #9

Go to an outdoor concert …# 9 ,  on the list of the ten things we want to do for the summer. And Wilson Creek winery was the perfect place for an outdoor concert .

and we had a blast with Tanya and Fernando .

The are such a cute couple and soooo in love !

Tanya was always posing for the camera ever since she was old enough to stand .

My cousin Ronnie played percussion in  the band …

We dined alfresco on cheeses, crackers, nuts, grapes and brownies….and just a little wine.  They played till the sun went down…

a wonderfully enchanting evening…..

So far we only have #4 and # 10 yet to do for our list if you have been following along, and yes I have learned conversation French from my car CD. Leo has too which doesn’t surprise me as he is a little parrot ! Well I have a birthday party planned for Justin on Labor day and we just might  complete the list.. We will see !

4.Have a tennis tournament at night. (everyone plays)

10.End the summer with a  “Family dinner “. (Maybe labor day!)

Hope everyone has a great week !


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