Looking for the best fish taco….

Looking for the best fish taco along the California coast(#7 on the ten things we want to do for the summer). We  have stopped at The Shack  at Wind-an-sea beach…after out plane ride from Chicago which seem like a great welcome back to California.

Two cute beach cruisers in back is  always a good sign.


The Shack is at a great location 6941 La Jolla Blvd in La Jolla ….and The Shack has a nice patio to dine Alfresco.

The menu is so very  cute…now there was not a lot of people at this time of day , just Darrill, Leo and I to be exact…but it sure  took a long time for us to get our food, and Darrill was not happy.

At last our fish tacos have arrived , grilled with cabbage and a side of fresh salsa,  I would have to say that they were pretty good but certainly not the best..we headed to the waters edge after lunch and got soaked by a high wave..back to the California coast how exciting !

 I am still searching for the best fish tacos along the California coast.

But I would like to say  thank you Zane and Perla for the tips on two great locations, I will try them next !



2 thoughts on “Looking for the best fish taco….

  1. Fish tacos? Rubio’s in San Diego. Ralph Rubio is a San Diego State University alum –hooray!

    I have been going to San Diego almost every year since 1983 and many of those visits included a stop at Rubio’s. Darrill discovered Rubio’s for us. The fish tacos there are amazing.
    This recommendation comes from Chicago.

  2. You left my Mouth watering with the picture of the fish taco now I feel the need to take a drive out to La Jolla for a visit at the shack, LOL !

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