Stay fit …#8

Stay fit and exercise even when we are on vacation, #8 on ten things we want to do for the summer…Well I feel like I can say I am pretty fit. Yes I have changed my life style and the way I eat to make some pretty big changes in my  health. I am addicted to exercise. I feel so much better and I have so much more energy.  I would like to give you my tips that have helped me lose those last few pounds that are always so hard to lose. I still have more to lose but I am almost there !!

Tip #1. Clean out your closet and get rid of those things you will never wear again.

Tip #2. Love yourself and forgive yourself completely if you have not been able to lose any weight. Create a mantra for yourself and put it where you will see it every morning.

Tip#3. Buy some cute exercise clothes, now you don’t need to spend a lot of money, I bought some cute exercise clothes at Target, yes Target ! And get a backpack , and some great running shoes, you will find yourself jogging everywhere.

Tip#4. Get a friend to exercise with, you can bike , run, walk or go shopping at an outdoor mall and speed walk and talk ! The time goes by fast ! Take those extra classes at your gym, spin, power pump, yoga and met your friend there. Support each other and you both will feel great !

Tip#5. Get a large water bottle and carry it where-ever you go. EVERYWHERE !! You will save so much money not buying sodas ! And think about all those extra calories you’ll lose !

Tip#6. Eat a large breakfast, oatmeal or yogurt is my favorite, and have a salad for lunch, and eat a good dinner. Snack on nuts and  fruit and veggies all day long. Make a protein shake after you exercise and use almond milk and add a banana. Eat a small piece of dark chocolate and have a glass of red wine. I snack on natural popcorn or a fudge pop  .

Tip#7. Drink green tea all day everyday and have chamomile tea at night. Light a great smelling candle before you go to sleep and tell yourself thank-you.

Tip #8. When you are at the park with your kids take your Ipod and power walk, play , run, bike with your kids, they will love it !

Tip#9. Make a date night with your mate and wear something to show off the new you ! I love my arms now , and I love wearing sleeveless dresses !! Believe me you will feel great after just 2 weeks, and fantastic after 3 months…and I bet you lose all your weight after 6 months ! Take the weight off slowly and you will keep it off. Do it right the 1st time and you won’t find yourself gaining back the weight after a few weeks.

(photos by Hunter)

Enjoy your summer , and good luck !!


4 thoughts on “Stay fit …#8

  1. I so agree w/#2 Love and forgive yourself. With someone who has a constant battle with weight I must remind myself to love myself so I can get through each day. Thank you for sharing your wisdom

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