Alfresco dinning at home…

and the steaks are on the grill…

everything you see here I have gotten at a flea market or thrift store, even the table which is marble and the cream high back chairs .

Simply salvaged chic !

Hope you have a simply relaxing weekend.

Italian  alfresco, in the fresh (air) “in the fresh air.”

Looking for the best fish taco….

Looking for the best fish taco along the California coast(#7 on the ten things we want to do for the summer). We  have stopped at The Shack  at Wind-an-sea beach…after out plane ride from Chicago which seem like a great welcome back to California.

Two cute beach cruisers in back is  always a good sign.


The Shack is at a great location 6941 La Jolla Blvd in La Jolla ….and The Shack has a nice patio to dine Alfresco.

The menu is so very  cute…now there was not a lot of people at this time of day , just Darrill, Leo and I to be exact…but it sure  took a long time for us to get our food, and Darrill was not happy.

At last our fish tacos have arrived , grilled with cabbage and a side of fresh salsa,  I would have to say that they were pretty good but certainly not the best..we headed to the waters edge after lunch and got soaked by a high wave..back to the California coast how exciting !

 I am still searching for the best fish tacos along the California coast.

But I would like to say  thank you Zane and Perla for the tips on two great locations, I will try them next !


Stay fit …#8

Stay fit and exercise even when we are on vacation, #8 on ten things we want to do for the summer…Well I feel like I can say I am pretty fit. Yes I have changed my life style and the way I eat to make some pretty big changes in my  health. I am addicted to exercise. I feel so much better and I have so much more energy.  I would like to give you my tips that have helped me lose those last few pounds that are always so hard to lose. I still have more to lose but I am almost there !!

Tip #1. Clean out your closet and get rid of those things you will never wear again.

Tip #2. Love yourself and forgive yourself completely if you have not been able to lose any weight. Create a mantra for yourself and put it where you will see it every morning.

Tip#3. Buy some cute exercise clothes, now you don’t need to spend a lot of money, I bought some cute exercise clothes at Target, yes Target ! And get a backpack , and some great running shoes, you will find yourself jogging everywhere.

Tip#4. Get a friend to exercise with, you can bike , run, walk or go shopping at an outdoor mall and speed walk and talk ! The time goes by fast ! Take those extra classes at your gym, spin, power pump, yoga and met your friend there. Support each other and you both will feel great !

Tip#5. Get a large water bottle and carry it where-ever you go. EVERYWHERE !! You will save so much money not buying sodas ! And think about all those extra calories you’ll lose !

Tip#6. Eat a large breakfast, oatmeal or yogurt is my favorite, and have a salad for lunch, and eat a good dinner. Snack on nuts and  fruit and veggies all day long. Make a protein shake after you exercise and use almond milk and add a banana. Eat a small piece of dark chocolate and have a glass of red wine. I snack on natural popcorn or a fudge pop  .

Tip#7. Drink green tea all day everyday and have chamomile tea at night. Light a great smelling candle before you go to sleep and tell yourself thank-you.

Tip #8. When you are at the park with your kids take your Ipod and power walk, play , run, bike with your kids, they will love it !

Tip#9. Make a date night with your mate and wear something to show off the new you ! I love my arms now , and I love wearing sleeveless dresses !! Believe me you will feel great after just 2 weeks, and fantastic after 3 months…and I bet you lose all your weight after 6 months ! Take the weight off slowly and you will keep it off. Do it right the 1st time and you won’t find yourself gaining back the weight after a few weeks.

(photos by Hunter)

Enjoy your summer , and good luck !!

Crab Cooker in Newport Beach …

Backpack riding  to the Crab Cooker at Newport Beach (#5 in our ten things we want to do for the summer) is a great way to spend a weekend. We rode our bikes (Hunter and I ) 6 miles along the coast and stopped to get some clam chowder, sourdough bread and butter.

I put our lunch in my front basket and rode to the pier where we dine Alfresco at the water’s edge.

I would say this clam chowder is the best along the California coast…a great place for fish too !!

hope everyone has a great Sunday !

Congrats Brandon and Justin….

Blessed are the men who save our lives….because without them… mankind would vanish.  I would like to say congrats to Brandon Mollicone who just completed  Pararmedic school last night at Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa with a special award and all of us were there to cheer him on ! And also to Justin Mollicone who just got hired on as a fireman for the city of Sierra Madre Tuesday night…and we were all there to cheer him on also!

They both have worked so hard and have come so very far at such a young age….and they have both set  such a  high standard of excellence in everything they have set out to do….and they have only just begun .

What can I say I am such a proud mom !

A small town 4th of July…

A small town  4th of July  in  Oak Park ,Chicago….

(#3 on the ten things we want to do for the summer )

complete with red , white and blue jelly beans…

an array of wonderful  breakfast food…

and red watermelon that Leo loves !

Leo finally got the hang of playing this game.

Here are all the  kids in a row waving their flags , waiting for the parade to start.

Leo was eyeing this cute little guys jelly beans….

he just couldn’t wait and  helped himself.

Here comes the parade now !!

The town’s firemen start the parade….

There was lots of people in their decorated cars to see, and lots of candy for the kids.

The end of the parade and  Leo waved goodby …Thanks Dave ,Paula , Cat and Maggie for

a simply wonderful day , next post stuffed pizza with Dan  !