A trip to Chicago ….in a carry-on

We are off to Chicago to spend 8 days, and we are not staying in one place. So since we are going to stay here and there and where ever , then we are going to end up at a hotel in the heart of Chicago,  I thought I would pack my entire  wardrobe in a carry-on. My girlfriends and daughter said impossible. Or at least impossible to look stylish for eight days with a just a few items and three pair of shoes. Well I beg to differ….I think I can and the challenge is on. My other quest for my trip is to find the best chicago dog, and deep dish pizza which will not be hard because Chicago is the place for  great food ! Another quest for my trip is  to have  a small town 4th of July  , parade and all..( #3 on”Ten things I want to do for the SUMMER). Chicago is a great city and I can say I know the city very well, I spent  6 years there , all the time wishing I was back in sunny California where I was born .   But I have learned to love Chicago for its food, its incredible buildings, its blues night clubs and for its jaded history . …and I must admit the best thrift stores . After all Chicagoans invented the word grunge, and they do it very well !

See you next week in Chicago…


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